Apartments for rent in Odessa

Daily and long-term apartments for rent in Odessa

Odessa is a beautiful city in which, if not born, then after your arrival you want to stay even at least a little bit...

Especially popular in Odessa is the apartments for rent, both daily and long-term. If you compare prices that are requested by hotels and the cost of renting an apartment in Odessa, then you will immediately understand the amount of savings in this case.

But it's not just about saving, but also many feel, as they say, "not at ease" even being in five-star hotels, but their apartment, their little world is another matter. For this reason, many of those who spend their holidays and weekends in the city "Smile of God" - as they call Odessa, prefer to rent an apartment or rent an apartment for the entire period of their stay in the "Pearl at the Sea".

Apartments for rent in Odessa with "Let's go Odessa"

Apartments for rent in Odessa with Let's go Odessa

"Let's go Odessa" is a site that helps applicants of an apartment for rest or long-term accommodation, to find the apartment most suited to requests.

Here you will find apartments for all occasions.

Do you stay in Odessa on work issues? Do you want to just relax from the difficult meetings? - For you, pick up a one-room apartment, with all amenities and appliances, in the area that is convenient for you.

Have you come with your family to rest in Odessa? For five days, a week, a month? - No problems! You will pick up an apartment according to your desire: 1-2-3-х yes at least 5-room!

With a balcony? Near the sea? On the 13th floor? - All these desires "Let's go Odessa" will take into account when selecting an apartment for you!

"Let's go Odessa" - works only with the owners and own apartments that are rented for rent or for a long period, which ultimately gives you the opportunity to rent an apartment in Odessa without intermediaries and extra overpayments.

Show "Let's go Odessa" tourist card ODESSACARD and receive an additional 10% discount from the rental price!

And on the site you can choose an apartment for rent, see each apartment real photos, location on the map and all the devices that are in the rented apartment.

In addition, the resource has a convenient system of booking by bank transfer, which will make a 100% reserve of the apartment you like and will protect against force majeure, which is inevitable when renting apartments in Odessa through regular realtors.

Also "Let's go Odessa" provides a transfer and can populate you in apartments and hotel rooms without commissions and overpayments!

Well - ODESSACARD and "Let's go Odessa" ?!

Apartments for rent in Odessa. Daily and long term


Contacts "Let's go Odessa"

Address: Ukraine, Odessa, st. Deribassovskaya, 33. Office 365

+38 (067) 484-43-02 Viber, WhatsApp
+38 (095) 922-91-97
+38 (063) 781-02-57

Official site:

Apartment prices

Prices for rental apartments in Odessa are volatile and depend on many factors:

total area
Number of rooms
Number of equipment and other conditions.

At the time of writing the article, the rental of apartments is from 520 UAH. up to 2 000 UAH. per day.

With all current prices you can find on the official website.

Being the owner of the tourist card ODESSACARD of any denomination, renting an apartment in Odessa from "Let's go Odessa" will cost you 10% less!

Discount to the owners of tourist cards is provided in case of booking by phone or through the site.
It is not summed up with discounts or special offers of other services.



Let's go Odessa Аренда квартир в Одессе. Посуточно и долгосрочно

C ODESSACARD -10% for renting apartments in Odessa!