Odessa aquapark

Odessa aquapark (7th kilometer of Ovidiopolskaya Road)

Odessa aquapark it:Odessa aquapark. 7 km of Ovidiopolskaya Road

  • The highest and exclusive water slides in the south of Ukraine.
  • Height of some reaches 19 meters (7 floors).
  • Only in the region wave pool
  • The biggest children's akva-town in the south of Ukraine
  • The half-kilometer river which speed of a current is 5 km/h
  • Spacious sandy beach
  • 27 water attractions
  • 5 hydromassage zones
  • 5 pools
  • 6 zones for suntan

Plan of Odessa Aquapark

Plan of Odessa Aquapark


  1. Piracy island
  2. Barrel
  3. Funnel
  4. Boomerang
  5. Red
  6. Green
  7. Orange
  8. Vindigo
  9. Red Rocket
  10. Blue Rocket
  11. Kamikaze

Pools and rivers

  1. Main pool
  2. Wave pool
  3. Hydromassage pool
  4. Slow river
  5. Paddling pool
  6. New pool


  1. Round bar
  2. Restaurant
  3. Pizzeria


  1. Office building
  2. Parking
  3. VIP-sector
  4. First-aid post
  5. Entrance to aquapark
  6. Fish SPA

Odessa aquapark from height of bird's flight

Odessa aquapark

Council from the ODESSACARD team

Because the aquapark is in seven kilometers from Odessa, you will need to allocate for its visit the whole day.

To manage to visit objects of FREE and aquapark in 24 hours you need to begin a round of objects at 11:00 today and to manage to scan tomorrow till 10:59 a card in aquapark.

Thus, in the first days of operation of the card you get with ODESSACARD to the best museums, excursions and sights of the city, and under "finish" of your voyage add to yourself one more remarkable day in aquapark!


Contacts of Odessa Aquapark

Address: Ukraine, Odessa, Angarskaya St. 70/1 (7 km of Ovidiopolskaya Road)

+38 (048) 737 80 08

Official site: aquaparkodessa.com.ua

Operating mode

10:00 - 18:00

Without days off

Works from 31.05 to 08.09

Ticket price

The cost of the ticket - 300 UAH.

Cost the VIP of the ticket - 500 UAH.

The discount of - 50% extends only to the usual ticket (300 UAH) during operation of the card of the tourist of ODESSACARD for 24, 48 or 72 hours.

The tourist card ODESSACARD includes a 50% discount on the entrance to the Aquapark "Odessa", additional services are paid separately.

With ODESSACARD of - 50% in Odessa Aquapark!