Bicycles for rent

Bicycles for rent in Odessa

Bicycles for rent in Odessa

Weekends are a great time for active rest!

And the most positive holiday for the whole family is a joint walk on bicycles.

And if you are not yet a happy owner of a two-wheeled vehicle, but really want to travel around the city, we recommend that you bicycles for rent.

Where is the best place in Odessa to relax from the working week and go in for sports outdoors?

- Of course, on the Health Route!

This is a unique place with a length of 6 km with excellent asphalt covering, designed for outdoor activities and sports.

Here you can meet fans to ride bicycles, scooters, rollers, as well as runners and people involved in walking.

The excellent location of the Health Route makes it possible to simply enjoy a stroll along the sea shore.

Why on a bicycle?

Odessa is a beautiful city, which is almost impossible to see in one day. "Practically" because there is an option to bicycles for rent and see the city through the eyes of a bicyclist.

Primorsky Boulevard, Deribasovskaya, Teatralnaya Ploshchad, Odessa Port, Resort area of ​​Arcadia and much more on the bike can be seen at all, on the other hand.

Odessa is impossible not to love, it always finds its place in every heart.

It will be interesting to see Odessa from another perspective, not only for tourists, but for the citizens of the city. Spending a weekend with your family riding a bicycle - is not this happiness?

Active weekends for the whole family bring joy and health benefits, as well as instilling in the young generation a love of sport in general and a bicycle in particular.

Bicycles for rent - what choice?

The range of bicycles for rent includes reliable mountain bikes, beautiful and comfortable city bicycles, safe children's and teenage bicycles, as well as fetbike (bicycles on thick wheels) and a twin tandem.

All bicycles for hire are in excellent condition and are regularly inspected and adjusted by our professional bike mechanics.

How do I make a bicycles for rent?

Bicycles for rent will take no more than 10 minutes, during which our professional staff will pick up a bicycle for you, adjust it for your growth, arrange a rental agreement, and, if necessary, will advise you where to go and what to see in Odessa.

What do you need to have to rent a bicycle?

A deposit of 500 UAH. and a document confirming your identity (passport)

Contacts bicycles for rent

Ukraine, Odessa, st. Pushkinskaya, 28
Ukraine, Odessa, Langeron beach

+38 (050) 388-48-22
+38 (050) 388-84-12

Official site:

Operating mode

From 10:00 to 20:00 (without days off)


Depending on the duration of the rental and the class of the bicycle.

From 80 UAH. per hour up to 900 UAH. for a week.

More information on the site.

When booking bicycles through the website or phone, indicate to the operator that you are the owner of the ODESSACARD tourist card and will receive a discount of -20% for day bicycles for rent and -50% for the night!

With ODESSACARD -20% in the afternoon and -50% at night for bicycles for rent!