The results of the competition ODESSA – MOM celebrates the birthday!

Competition ODESSA - MOM celebrates the birthday!

ODESSACARDCompetition ODESSA - MOM Winners of the contest from OdessaCard together with their partners held a contest of congratulations for his beloved city.

ODESSACARD – A tourist card that saves your finances!

Aquapark Odessa – The biggest water park in Ukraine!

Excursion to the catacombs – Leader in attendance among tourists in Odessa in 2017году!

City Tours – The best excursions on electric cars with cheerful guides and fast cars!

Unanimous decision of all employees ODESSACARD a strong-willed decision was made to award awards to the contestants in this order:

Competition Odessa - Mom! 3rd place

Anastasia Yarmolyuk,Competition Odessa - Mama Winner from OdessaCard which deservedly receives Two tickets from the company City Tours for an excursion on an electric car in the historic center of the city!

Excursions on electric car – It's convenient, nice, fun and informative! That's why even Odessians are in demand City Tours, Because you do not need to go anywhere, and most importantly City Tours guides know such secrets about famous places that you never even dreamed of!

The work of the winner

Great job! Many thanks for your efforts!

The work of the winner of the contest from OdessaCard


Competition Odessa - Mom! 2nd place

Galin KotsovckaCompetition Odessa - Mama Winner from OdessaCard, which receives two tickets for an excursion to the catacombs of Moldavanka with a visit to the museum "Secrets of underground Odessa"!

Catacombs of Moldavanka – at the moment occupy the second place in the rating of the most interesting and visited places of tourist Odessa, after the Opera Theater! Do not visit this unique excursion and not see an incredible collection of exhibits Museum of "Underground Odessa Secrets" Just blasphemy!

The work of the winner

Beautiful installation "Beloved Odessa" - thank you for your work!

The work, the winner in the contest Odessa-Mother celebrates the name-day


Competition Odessa - Mom! 1 place

Helga ShkrabakCompetition Odessa - Mama Winner from ODESSACARD , with his video congratulations deservedly Gets two tickets to the Aquapark Odessa!

Aquapark Odessa – The biggest and best aquapark of Ukraine, which is not the first year to please its visitors with steep slides and a great mood! To miss the last days of summer and not to visit the Aquapark is a crime!

The work of the winner


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