Birthday of Odessa in Poland with a tourist card

Wroclaw with a tourist card congratulated Odessa

Tourist card of Odessa in Poland

There is no former Odessite!

Odessa is so beloved by everyone that even those who have not been here for a long time do not forget about his birthday.

In honor of Ukraine, in Poland, Wroclaw, in the framework of the Odcienie Ukrainy Festival with the support of Fundacja Ukraina, Odessa Tourism Association, ODESSACARD and the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Odessa City Council, a celebration in honor of Ukraine was held with entertaining events, competitions, a master class and cake in the form of Ukraine!

Do not forget about Odessa-Mama! After September 2 she had a birthday party!

At one of the competitions, the ODESSACARD tourist card was played, we congratulate the winner and we are more likely to visit our native Odessa!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mikhail Mikityuk and his team, which represented Odessa and ODESSACARD, for a wonderful celebration and competitions!


World Club of Odessites

In the wonderful Polish city of Wroclaw, the festival "Odcienie Ukrainy" was held, within the framework of which the celebration of the 223th anniversary of the founding of Odessa took place. The city was represented by an information stand, and the celebration of the birthday of Odessa organizers included a separate item of the event. Visitors of the festival were able to get acquainted with the rich history and culture of the city, get advice in the tourist component of the South Palmyra, and taste the most Odessa dishes and snacks. Also, guests were invited to participate in various competitions from sponsors and partners. The stand attracted special interest among the citizens, it can be said that the residents of Odessa became the highlight of the event and were able to truly share their spirit and good mood with the whole city. A farshmak, caviar from blue and little bits from the tulle allowed guests to taste the culture of Odessa in the literal and figurative sense of the word. Odessa ambassador and one of the organizers of the festival Mikhail Mikityuk expressed gratitude to his friends, partners and sponsors: "Many thanks to everyone who helped create this holiday : Oksana Kuznetsova and Odessa Tourism Association, Elena Pavlova and the World Club of Odessa, Ivan Liptuga and Ambassadors of Odessa, Boris Buchman, Inge Odarych, Tatiana Markova and the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Odessa City Council, Oksana Bubly Alexander Kulch and Alexander Kosyak. Separate thanks to Fundacja Ukraina for the opportunity to become a part of the Odcienie Ukrainy festival and to celebrate Mama's Birthday. We are also grateful to all guests and promise to please you in the future. Thanks to our volunteers for helping to create masterpieces of Odessa cuisine and treat all visitors to the event. "For our part, we want to express the hope that soon it will be possible to expect the opening of a new branch of the World Club of Odessites in Wroclaw.

Tourist card ODESSACARD

Recall that the tourist card ODESSACARD opens wide opportunities for exploring the city, both for the tourist who visited this beautiful city for the first time, and for Odessit, who lives in this city since birth.

ODESSACARD is a tourist card, an electronic ticket to all the most popular, best and beautiful institutions, starting from Odessa museums, excursions, the zoo, dolphinarium and biopark and ending with permanent discounts in more than 80 establishments, such as: bars, restaurants, canteens, hotels, hostels, quest rooms, sauna, fitness club and much more.

You will see the filling of the whole map in the "Guide with ODESSACARD" section

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