Photo report of the ODESSACARD draw

Photo report of the ODESSACARD tourist card at the festival ODESSACLASSICS 2018

вручение карты туриста на фестивале odessa classics If you are a reader of our page on facebook or a visitor of the site, you probably saw that the tourist service ODESSACARD spent a drawing of the tourist card for two for 24 hours among all holders of season tickets for the best classical music festival in Ukraine, which takes place every year in the "Pearl at the Sea" ODESSA CLASSICS.

Raffle ODESSACARD conducted transparently, with the record, can be found here.

On June 2, 2018, in the premises of the beautiful Odessa Philharmonic Hall, a card was handed with the winner's announcement right from the stage.

The happy owner was a charming admirer of classical music and in particular Alexei Botvinov, who by the way is not only one of the leading pianists of Ukraine, but also the inspiration for the classical music festival in Odessa.

More than 100 season tickets took part in the drawing, and the winner, surprisingly, bought the subscription in December, six months before the festival!

"That's what we understand!" A real admirer!

From the bottom of our hearts, congratulations to the winner - Ella Kataeva!

We hope that from the ODESSACARD service Ella will receive the same charge of emotions and positive as from ODESSA CLASSICS!

We would like to thank the organizers of the festival and in particular Helen Botvinov.

Once again, we congratulate the winner on the whole ODESSACARD team!

Listen only to good music and rest in Odessa!

A tourist card is a sea of ​​your possibilities!

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