New partner! FAROLERO – a magical tour with a lantern!

FAROLERO - evening audio tour

FAROLERO - new partner of ODESSACARD

We are pleased to announce that with ODESSACARD it's become even more interesting, exciting and most importantly more economical!

Now all ODESSACARD tourist card holders can plunge into the magical world of Odessa's evening together with the world-famous franchise FAROLERO!

FAROLERO - interactive pedestrian audio-tour in the format of a theatrical performance.


You will have an unforgettable evening in Odessa:

audio guides with headphones

fabulous raincoats

umbrellas in case of rain

photoreport from the excursion

pleasant surprises during the excursion

100 minutes of interesting stories and adventures


For more details, you can get acquainted with the excursions of FAROLERO here.


ODESSACARD - the sea of your possibilities!

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