“Buffet – Dining Room”

Catering network Buffet - Dining room in Odessa

"Buffet - Dining room" - fast food and catering network in Odessa"Buffet - Dining Room" is a network of fast food establishments that differs from all other similar institutions with high level of service, high-quality and always fresh menu, and most importantly affordable prices.

Fast food chain Buffet - Dining room in the first place has set a goal to become the best institution in Europe for service, food quality and pricing.

"Buffet - Dining Room" takes into account the average incomes of a resident of Ukraine, so that a visit to the fast food network is available to all residents and visitors of the city.

From the very first words about the "Buffet - Dining Room" network, it is thought that this is some kind of old, kind dining room. But this is completely wrong! Each cafe is decorated in a unique and pleasant style, which will leave an indelible impression on visitors. In each of the establishments the food is always fresh and satisfying, and we are not too lazy to repeat - it is affordable.

The structure of the public catering network "Buffet - Dining room" consists of the "Swedish" table - the place where the visitor chooses the food they like, can get advice from the attendants, ask them to heat the selected food for their meal if necessary.

The rest is not only inferior to restaurants and expensive cafes, but surpasses them in decoration and atmosphere, and the number of seats for visitors will not make wait for the release of the table for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Fast food chain Buffet - Dining room in Odessa - it's available, tasty, satisfying!

Tasty and inexpensive meal in Odessa:

CHERDAK Café (Attic)

Attic - "Buffet - Dining Room" in Odessa


"Buffet - Dining Room" - delicious, inexpensive, high quality

The evolving network of public catering "Buffet - Dining" regularly expands its horizons.

The new institution is open on Shevchenko Avenue, 4 E.

Restaurant "Cherdak" is the third floor of a shopping center with an area of 1700 square meters!

Restaurant "Cherdak" also works on a self-service system. However, it is radically different from its predecessors. The direction of the kitchen is also completely different and more extensive. Guests of the restaurant, in addition to a variety of delicious dishes, will find plenty of entertainment and pleasant additions.

Working hours: 9:00 to 22:00


CHERNOSLIV Café (Prunes)

Prunes - "Buffet - Dining Room". Catering in Odessa


"Buffet - Dining Room" - delicious, inexpensive, high quality

"Buffet-Dining Room" offers its visitors to plunge into the atmosphere of this gastronomic paradise.

Cafe "Prune", it's not just one of the representatives of the catering network, it's a unique interior where every guest feels alone. The taste of visitors are offered first, second courses, snacks, fragrant desserts, a variety of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. It is sure to find something delicious for each visitor.

Working hours: 8:00 to 22:00


VITRAZH Café (Stained Glass)

Buffet Dining. Stained glass window


"Buffet - Dining" - tasty, cheap, high quality

Stained Glass is the 9th self-service restaurant of the Buffet-Dining Network.

Our 9th, the youngest and as beautiful as its predecessors - "Stained Glass"!

More than 400 drinks and meals daily, author's recipes and cuisine from more than 10 countries of the world!

From hot and salads to soups, snacks, drinks and desserts. From Italian pasta to Ukrainian borscht!

In the open kitchen you can always observe the process of cooking your favorite dishes.

In the lounge area - relax and go in search of inner balance.

Play on the PlayStation - have fun with friends.

And in the main halls - enjoy the comfort, comfort and make stylish photos. After all, on the walls hang 2 vintage cars!

Odessa, st. Pushkinskaya 59

Mode of operation: from 9:00 to 22:00


ABRICOS Café (Apricot)

"Buffet - Dining Room" Apricot. On the beach of Arcadia


"Buffet - Dining Room" - delicious, inexpensive, high quality

The buffet-dining room "Abricos" is part of the developing catering network in Odessa.

"Abricos" is situated next to all the favorite beaches of Odessa - Luzanovka.

A two-story, bright building that can not be missed not only because of the design of the building, but also because of the appetizing smell of freshly prepared food.

The car can be left in the parking lot, near the restaurant and pamper yourself with delicious food near the Black Sea.

Working hours: from 9:00 to 22:00 (Summer institution, working from May 24 to September 15)



Utochkino. Café Buffet - Dining Room


"Buffet - Dining Room" - delicious, inexpensive, high quality

The building of the famous Utochnokino has acquired a new life, now it houses the "Buffet-Dining Room" - "Utochnokino"

When decorating the room, it was decided not to destroy, so beloved by the visitors, the atmosphere of stylish retro design.

It is tasty to eat in the center of Odessa - now every local resident and guest of the city can!

Working hours: 9:00 to 22:00



Garage - "Buffet - Dining Room". Catering in Odessa


"Buffet - Dining Room" - delicious, inexpensive, high quality

Buffet-dining room "Garage" is located in the heart of Odessa.

There is no need to look for a place to eat, wait for a waiter and prepare. Here everything is at hand. Then the visitor immediately "imposes" - just as much as he deems to overpower for lunch or dinner, without waiting for the waiters.

An excellent choice for those who save time, but do not want to sacrifice the quality of food.

Buffet-dining room "Garage" - an excellent choice for those who want fast, but at the same time tasty and satisfying to eat.

Working hours: 9:00 to 22:00



"Buffet - Dining Room" SanMarino. Catering in Odessa


"Buffet - Dining Room" - delicious, inexpensive, high quality

San Marino is one of the smallest states in Europe, called "Sunny", because it always has good weather and friendly residents.

Designers of the "Buffet-Dining" network were inspired by this state, during the creation of the "SanMarino" cafe.

"SanMarino" is located on the most famous beach in Odessa, in Arcadia.

Visit the beach and eat deliciously - this is the perfect combination for relaxation, and if you remember that there is always fresh, delicious and hearty food at the most affordable prices in Odessa. It became clear why all Odessites liked this institution.

Working hours: from 9:00 to 22:00 (Summer institution, open from 17.05 to 15.09)


ZOLOTOY BEREG Café (Golden shore)

Buffet Dining. Golden shore


"Buffet - Dining" - tasty, cheap, high quality

A walk through Lanzheron, Luzanovka, Sauvignon, Arcadia in Odessa leaves a lasting impression.

And it's time to visit the beaches of the Big Fountain. One of the most popular resort areas is located from the 10th to the 16th station of the Fontan Road.

Here, over a stretch of 3 km of the coastline, there is everything you need for rest - mini-markets, sea souvenirs, gazebos. The slope of the Gold Coast is fully landscaped - here and pavements, paved with tiles, sculptures, fountains.

The area quickly won the hearts of Odessa, as well as guests of the city. The beach in the morning is full of people who are in a hurry to plunge into the refreshing water of the Black Sea. 16 station of the Big Fountain - is a complete resort area where you can have a great time with the whole family. Nothing can please as pure water, beaches and happy children's laughter.

The only drawback of the resort area is that there are not so many cafes along the coast.

Catering "Buffet-Dining" decided to eliminate this drawback so that vacationers on the beach could have a tasty meal in Odessa without leaving the recreation area. On some of the main beaches in Odessa, we have already opened our branches.

Now it's time to please with delicious home-style food and Gold Coast at 16 stations of the Big Fountain.

As always, our guests will enjoy delicious fresh food, soft drinks, desserts and much more.

We work for you from 9.00 in the morning to 23.00 in the evening, which means you can come to us for breakfast or dinner. We have a self-service system that eliminates the appearance of queues. The hall is designed for 150 people. In the last hour of work, we have a permanent discount of -30% on our own products.

We are waiting for you at the 37 Gold Coast.

Mode of operation: from 9:00 to 22:00 (Summer institution, Open from April 26 to September 15)


"Buffet - Dining Room"

To get acquainted with the prices and the menu "Buffet - Dining Room" (rus)

Contacts of a network of public catering «Buffet - Dining room»

All addresses in "More..." under each of the offers

Phone: +38 (068) 997-79-77

Official site: stolovaya.com.ua

Operating mode

9:00 to 22:00

"Buffet - Dining Room": "SanMarino", "Abricos" and "Golden shore" summer establishments, open from May 1.


You can see the current prices and menus on the official website.

The average check is 100 UAH. (soup, borsch, etc.), the second course (garnish: card, pasta, etc.) with meat and a third dish (dessert))

Show the cashier "Buffet - Dining Room" from any of the above places tourist card ODESSACARD and get a constant discount of -10% for the entire check!

With ODESSACARD -10% in all establishments "Buffet - Dining Room"!