Points of delivery

How to receive the card of the tourist?

Points of issue of the map of the tourist

After payment of the order issued in our shop you receive on the e-mail the letter with a unique code of your card of the tourist.

Having unpacked, having rewritten or having kept on phone this code you can exchange it for the card of the tourist in any convenient place from the list - points of delivery.

Points of delivery:

Office of UKRTICKET Grecheskaya St., 11 (daily from 10:00 till 18:00 closed: Saturday - Sunday)

The office of UKRTICKET is on Grecheskaya St., 11 which is crossed with Pushkinskaya St.
If to go to point of delivery from the downtown to the sea, then on the right side of you will meet the museum of A.S. Pushkin, and with left the museum of the Western and East art.
From the right as soon as you see No. 11 on the place.

ODEN Tour travel agency Deribasovskaya St., 9 (daily from 9:00 till 19:00)

The ODEN Tour travel agency is on Deribasovskaya St., 9 on crossing from Rishelyevskaya St. at once, to pass by point of delivery it will not turn out as with Leva you will see the well-known Odessa opera and ballet theater.



At execution of the order you can choose a way of delivery "across Odessa" or by means of "Nova Poshta" across Ukraine.