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Odessa region is the largest in Ukraine, and Odessa itself is the cultural capital.

In the section of excursions and museums we try to collect the most popular and famous museums, thematic excursions in Odessa and tours in Bessarabia and the Black Sea region.

This section is "discount" (DISCOUNT with ODESSACARD) for this reason, you can postpone the trip and visiting private museums until later, because the tourist card acts as a discount for the whole year! Regardless, you have used the main map offers from the zone FREE with ODESSACARD or not yet.

At your service discounts:

Museum of Contemporary Art: -50% off the entrance ticket price!

History Museum of the football club "Chernomorets" or as many call it the "Museum of Football": -40%!

The Museum of Fire - the largest collection of lighters and mechanisms for the production of fire in Ukraine: -30%!

Tour of the Opera House with a visit to the theater museum: -15%!

Thematic excursions in Odessa, we have collected in a separate offer of the nine (9!) The most popular excursions: -15%!

Weekend tour in Vilkovo "Danube coast - 0 km": -15%!

Ethno tour in Ukrainian village: -15%!

Great tour from “Three Carpases”: -10%, and if you want to go fishing, then here you will be saved by a three hundred card! (Fishing from "Three Carp")


Rest in Odessa! Find out for the Odessa region and save with a tourist card!