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Entertainments in Odessa

It is no secret that Odessa a resort and thanks to it will not take away many forces from the visitor to find entertainments to itself to taste.

ODESSACARD took the responsibility to pick up the most universal and memorable entertainments which are in Odessa.

Entertainments of Odessa with the card of the tourist of ODESSACARD

Be you, with the wife, with the child, with the girlfriend or the friend does not matter, our offers are interesting and fascinating informative at any age!

Zoo – the popular vacation spot and slow walks with the child or the friend. Watching numerous pets, you really relax from working vanity and household daily occurrence.

Here you will be met by a great number of animals, beginning from Wendy's elephant, finishing lambs and with which goats it is possible to iron and feed, leaving behind warm memoirs and feelings.

Biopark – a new, European zoo of Odessa, in a collection rare, endangered species of animals which you will not see in one zoo of Ukraine are collected.

The giraffes, various tigers and lions, various monkeys and other animals who are in the new, comfortable open-air cages imitating their habitat will please the visitor young and old.

In the territory of the biopark the convenient parking, inexpensive cafe with the remarkable playground and animators is located.

You can receive the mass of thrills for an additional fee having gone to the only thing in Ukraine a safari!

The dolphinarium – really bewitches visitors the skillfully put numbers and actors.

As actors the trainer and dolphins, and also a sea lion and seals who show improbable tricks act and load the audience of 100% with a positive and good mood.