Odessa Dolphinarium

Odessa Dolphinarium "Nemo"

Odessa Dolphinarium


On the shores of the Black Sea, Lanzheron beach is one of the best dolphinariums in Europe - the Odessa Dolphinarium "Nemo".

Walking through one of the largest and most memorable parks in Odessa - Park Shevchenko, going down to the beach Lanzheron, which Odessites also call "two balls" (as when descending to the beach, on both sides of the staircase there are two sculptures in the form of huge balls), you simply will not pass by the Odessa dolphinarium.

Beautiful fountains, a beach complex, an incredibly huge children's playground (free), a hotel, a restaurant and the Odessa Dolphinarium itself with a wellness complex of dolphin therapy perfectly fit into the sea landscape of Odessa.

Show of the Odessa Dolphinarium

In Odessa Dolphinarium you will find a wonderful show of cute artistes and their coaches.

Interesting numbers, the excitement of artistes, artistical coaches, wonderful acoustic accompaniment along with a successful location - all this creates an amazing aura of the Odessa Dolphinarium, and during the performance of the performance you will be filled with an inexpressible feeling of joy and happiness.

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Odessa Dolphinarium. Dolphin presentation

Odessa Dolphinarium will delight you with the performance of some of the smartest dolphins - the Afalina.

Dolphins Afalin reach three meters in length and about 300 kg. weight, the dolphin's brain is very similar to the human, so they have found fame as "the people of the sea," another interesting fact that dolphins can have sex for pleasure, namely, the Afalines produce the largest number of sound waves, thereby communicating with each other and can remember up to 20 human commands, successfully executing them.

In the Odessa Dolphinarium you are expected:

Vita and Gavryusha are the first artistes of the Odessa Dolphinarium, Gavryusha is the leader of the pack and knows the entire program of performances very well, Vita as his queen, very clever and playful, often deliberately "drops" the coach into the water to play with him.

Midori and Toshiro - Artistic couple who is capable of complicated tricks, Midori likes to have fun and often deviates from the program of performances showing her creativity, be careful, it is she who likes to sprinkle spectators of the first rows, and then to "squeaky" laugh slyly. Toshiro is an artiste to the core, very diligent and performs tricks with incredible accuracy.

Julia - the young mother of the Odessa Dolphinarium, her daughter Assol, is not yet performing, but watches with interest her talented mother and tries to repeat simple tricks herself.

Rainbow is a young artiste, very diligent, it is interesting to observe how she performs the role of nanny for Assol, when Mama Jula trains.

Sea lion

Odessa Dolphinarium. Sea lion

The most flexible and intelligent species of animals from the family of seals, grow up to two meters and reach a weight of up to 300 kg., Nicknamed thanks to a small wool, around the neck, which resembles the mane of a lion.

Fima is a charming actor of the Odessa Dolphinarium, a born artiste, very happy with applause and laughter.

Performs complex tricks along with his coach, and when he leaves the stage he flirts with the audience, wags his booty.


Odessa Dolphinarium

Lovely animals from the family of seals, their closest relatives Sea lions. Unlike other seals, they have small ears, which is why they were called "cats". It is interesting that males can reach a weight of up to 250 kg., While females are much smaller, up to 40 kg.

Umka - the only male in the family of "cat" Odessa dolphinarium, excellently feels surrounded by girls. He likes to be lazy and just lie around, but at the same time he likes to perform and tries to please the spectator.

Peppy - she tries so hard during performances that you can see how she worries. She likes complex tricks, and the behavior after the performance is no different from ordinary cats, she is lying around or cares for her hair.

Odessa Dolphinarium


Contacts Odessa dolphinarium

Address: Ukraine, Odessa, Langeron beach, 25

Phone: +38 (048) 720-70-70

Official site: nemo.od.ua

Operating mode

Show at 12:00 and 15:00

Romantic show on Saturday 21:00

Closed: Monday (in summer – daily)

Ticket price

Ticket: 250 UAH.

* Ticket for a romantic show: 350 UAH. (only on Saturdays)

* The tourist map of ODESSACARD includes visiting the Odessa Dolphinarium only on the show 12:00 and 15:00!

Odessa Dolphinarium "Nemo" with ODESSACARD