Odessa Zoo

Odessa State Zoological Park

Odessa Zoo.

The Odessa zoo – the beautiful place of slow walks of loving and married couples with children.

To whom not to be pleasant to watch these beautiful animals, their behavior, courting the friend behind a druzhka or any domination in a cage?

Each animal is in own way unique and it is attractive, with the secrets and delights.

On the one hand, it is a little a pity for animals who are out of will, and on the other hand you understand that they have a meaning of life and it consists in education of ecological culture – environment protection and the animals living in it, the doctrine about circulation of life and advantage of each being on the planet.

The Odessa zoo – the natural reserve of fund of Ukraine, first of all is engaged in rare and endangered species of animals of the South of Ukraine.

The Odessa zoo was the only thing in Ukraine where elephants and leopards successfully propagated that confirms appropriate courting and love of workers of a zoo to the wards.

150 animal species contain the Odessa zoo, and their general quantity exceeds 720 smaller brothers!

Interesting information about Odessa Zoo

As it was written above - every animal, like a man in his own unique and thinking essence, the workers of the Odessa Zoo share the bizarre and amusing, and at times even quite inexplicable behavior of pets.

The largest inhabitant of Odessa - Wendy

The Indian elephant, acted in circus, is able to carry out simple tricks, but obeys only workers of a zoo. The most surprising that she very strongly loves compliments, so she will never take food if not to tell it what she is clever and beautiful madam.

During cleaning of open-air cages, workers use rather interesting tactics (do not forget that elephants are considered as one of the cleverest animals):

Odessa Zoo.

One employee Wendy's precept in other part of the open-air cage, invites, speaks what it clever and beautiful, well-mannered and as it is loved. At this moment other employee creeps to a gate with a latch quickly to close Wendy, but if beautiful madam notices it, all plan breaks and it is necessary to start anew.

If you feed "the largest woman of Odessa", do not forget to tell it a compliment.

Simba - a clean lion

Odessa Zoo.About one o'clock in the afternoon the animals of the zoo are dining and it's an amazing time to watch them, for example, the Simba lion before eating a portion of meat, without fail, independently washing it in the water, the reason for this action no one can find an explanation. And the staff joke - this is he has spied on the raccoons!

Tigress - the heart has a will of its own

Odessa Zoo.Not far away is a cage with tigresses and one of them for some reason does not like it when air kisses are sent to it, it starts to be nervous and growl - can it be odnolyubka? Trying not to admit to his heart one more?

Disobedient flock of wolves

Odessa Zoo.

In a pack, these beautiful animals are simply restless and make them do anything against their will is simply impossible. Any requests to move to another part of the cage to clean up their territory are completely ignored, so two employees (by the way, two Alexandra) came up with an interesting tactic:

They pick up small sheets of tin and iron pipes, start to make noise inside the cage, a few minutes later the wolves get tired of this noise, and they move to another enclosure.

Ambitious baboon Zhorzhik

Odessa Zoo.

The most difficult – to get on with baboons, happens that they do not allow in a cage for the whole week, fault to it is Zhorzhik.

Zhorzhik lived a part of the life with the photographer, for this reason is not afraid of people at all and rather impudently behaves. In total as for Zhorzhik, he considers the property, all females, all food and all territory, even noticed strange behavior to visitors of the Odessa zoo – he poses and sympathizes with visitors, and here on male visitors sniffs and roars.

Feed baboons and observe that any monkey does not dare to take, something thrown in a cage until Zhorzhik approves or itself does not eat.

Animals of the Odessa Zoo

In the Odessa zoo you can find the rarest inhabitants of the animal kingdom, introduced into the international and Ukrainian red book, in particular, many species of owls.

A large number of birds, including predators. Predatory animals, elephants, monkeys and many ungulates.

Economic court yard

On the territory of the Odessa Zoo, everyone has created a favorite by children - a farmyard where animals run right at your feet, they can be patted and fed.

Odessa Zoo


Contacts Odessa Zoo

Address: Ukraine, Odessa, st. Novoshcheplnoy row, 25

Phone: +38 (048) 722-55-89

Official site: zoo.ua

Operating mode

09:00 to 19:00 (summer)
09:00 to 17:00 (winter)
Seven days a week

Ticket price

Ticket: 50 UAH.
Excursion: 100 UAH.

The ODESSACARD tourist card includes free admission to the Odessa Zoo, additional services are paid for separately, including the order of the guide in any languages.

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