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Excursions in Odessa

The word an excursion came from Latin and in literal translation means walk or a trip, implying walk with any purpose: informative, pleasure or sports.

Odessa or as it is called still "the Southern Palmyra" is rich with the history and culture that repeatedly finds confirmation in its architectural complexes and sights.

"The pearl by the sea" first of all was lucky with a geographical arrangement. Warm southern climate, moderate breezes of the steppe and of course Black Sea. All this turned the usual, not numerous settlement of Kotsyubiyevo into magnificent and majestic Odessa.

But not only the location and climate made of Odessa what is represented now. Also the guide truly of great and self-sacrificing city's mayors who responsibly approached construction of the city invited the best architects of Europe, leaving you with us noteworthy places, as does of Odessa by all the favourite city, is underlined in one of her names: Odessa – Mother.

ODESSACARD tried to diversify pastime on a holiday or on vacation in Odessa and picked up the most interesting, fascinating and informative excursions.

With excursions from ODESSACARD you look at Odessa under various corners and you will hear stories which if do not turn your consciousness, then at least will repeatedly increase your knowledge.

Excursions across Odessa from different foreshortenings

The tour on the electric vehicle will acquaint you with small streets and the most considerable sights of the city. The tour is conducted by environmentally friendly cars with open boards that allows to contemplate completely all beauty of the southern city, and skilled guides in a fascinating form will tell you the value and historic facts connected with exhibits, giving the chance to consider everything in detail and to make pictures for memory.

The excursion in the Moldavian's catacombs with visit of the museum "Mysteries of Underground Odessa" will ship you on depth in 25 meters under the city, opening history of the most dark corners of Odessa.

Skilled guides will make is more than kilometer walk underground interesting and fascinating, and expositions of the museum are located in such a way that in process of passing of underground labyrinths you continually will be to come across specially prepared rooms which acquaint with this or that period from life of Odessa.

There are also unique rooms in one of which to you will suggest to switch off a lantern and relax in total darkness and silence, and in other room you will plunge into the fantastic world of a post-apocalypse, the stalker – a part of the museum not for the faint-hearted!

Sea walks finish a voyage of acquaintance to Odessa and give the chance to look at the city and its constructions from the sea, to learn history of the Vorontsovsky beacon and value of the sea for Odessa.

During sea walk you will see a working zone of seaport of Odessa, architectural masterpieces of the last centuries and the gold beaches "Pearls by the Sea".

With ODESSACARD Odessa will appear before you from all directions: The heart of the city – the historic center, soul – catacombs, the face – a view of the city from the sea …