Tours on electric vehicles in Odessa

Tours on electric vehicles on the historic center of Odessa from ECAR

Sightseeing tours on electric vehicles in Odessa from the ECAR company. City Tours with ODESSACARD

Tours on electric vehicles – a new round of development in the direction of interesting training and pastime.

Our brain is arranged so that to learn all new and interesting. Thanks to such knowledge we feel feeling of happiness and feeling of a rich life if as happiness to add comfort to this fine feeling, then the tour on the electric vehicle as a result turns out.



  • The fact of a comfortable trip on the electric vehicle brings pleasure.

Remember as you the first time they learned to ride by car, the motorcycle, the moped, the bicycle. Remembered? That pleasant and unforgettable feeling something new.

  • Visibility and maneuverability of the electric vehicle.

At a speed not over 10 км.\h, with completely open lateral ports of the machine you do not miss any sight and completely enjoy Pearl by the sea with her magnificent small streets.

  • Availability and environmental friendliness.

The ECAR company already long time specializes in providing excursion services using environmentally friendly means of transport which have an opportunity as fast as possible and to drive up close to places where entrance is prohibited to usual transport, and the majority of the Odessa sights in these parts and are.

  • Fascinatingly, informatively and cheerfully!

The guide is the Inhabitant of Odessa, it is very important! Any guide will not tell you "for Odessa" so fascinatingly and cheerfully as it will be made by the professional guide the inhabitant of Odessa.

  • Impressions.

Near all main sights the electric vehicle does a stop that gives the chance in more detail to consider an exhibit, to listen to the guide, to make unforgettable pictures and just to receive the sea of impressions!

Sightseeing tours on electric vehicles on the historic center of Odessa

Going to an informative travel - a tour on the electric vehicle directly from the gardens of Odessa, you are expected by one of the main sights of the city.

Deribasovskaya with the gardens perfectly begin an introduction course on stories of Odessa with the sculptures, fountains and architectural structures - such as Passage.

World famous Opera and ballet theater, Laokoon near the Literary museum and the remarkable, loved by all inhabitants of Odessa, seaside boulevard with its highlights, such, as: a monument to A. S. Pushkin, the cannon from the prostrate ship, the building of city council and the Odessa charm.

Duke will show a beautiful view of marina and a great Potemkinsky ladder.

Vorontsov's palace with his colonnade, the area and recently established Greek monument. From here to you the beautiful view of a working part of seaport, Teshchin Bridge and the place which inhabitants of Odessa call "A corner of old Odessa" will open.

On the way back you will be met by the unique house wall and a monument to "Founders of Odessa" led by Ekaterina, and will finish your voyage, surprisingly restored House of Scientists palace.

The hour excursion perfectly will be suitable for your schedule of a holiday in Odessa.

!Due to the popularity of tours on the electric vehicles City Tours, ODESSACARD and the ECAR company offer an unprecedented opportunity!
Besides that tours on the electric vehicle on the downtown are included in the card of the tourist so also throughout all expiration date of the card (1 year), owners of ODCARD have an opportunity to attend any tours on electric vehicles of the ECAR company at a discount of 10% repeatedly!

You can get acquainted with all routes of tours on the City Tours electric vehicles here.

Tours on electric vehicles


Contacts of tours on electric vehicles

Address: Ukraine, Odessa, st. Deribasovskaya (Mountain garden, near the monument to Leonid Utyosov)

+38 (094) 954-65-02
+38 (095) 482-77-66

Official site:

Operating mode

From 10:00 to 20:00 may-september
From 10:00 to 17:00 october-april
Sending excursions every 30 min.

Ticket price

Excursion around the historical part of the city - 200 UAH. per person
Duration 1 hour.

The tourist card includes excursions in Russian or Ukrainian.
Excursion service in English is paid extra + 100 UAH. per person.

Tours on electric vehicles with ODESSACARD