Odessa catacombs

Excursion to the Odessa catacombs of Moldavanka and the museum "Secrets of underground Odessa"

Odessa catacombs Moldavians and museum Secrets of underground Odessa

Odessa catacombs, like Odessa itself, are known throughout the world for their bright and rich history, and the length of the catacombs near Odessa exceeds the length of the famous Parisian and Roman in more than five times.

The catacombs of Moldavanka are like a city under the city, having placed in its tunnels a historical path from prehistoric centuries to the last century and continue to accumulate the history of our time, as if preparing to make us at the end of time.

The Odessa catacombs attract attention of many tourists and visitors of the city.

Due to its huge length and many locations of underground tunnels, the person who set the goal in front of him - to visit Odessa catacombs, will not find it difficult to find them practically in any parts of the Odessa region, but we offer an absolutely different and unique opportunity - an excursion to the Odessa catacombs of Moldavanka with a visit to the museum "Secrets of underground Odessa"!

  • Absolute safety.

All underground tunnels were cleared and reinforced to avoid collapses, experienced and loving people who themselves spend most of their time in the underground labyrinths of the Odessa catacombs.

  • Convenience of visitation.

Unlike other Odessa catacombs, it is in the catacombs of Moldavanka (as the name suggests) the descent is located directly in Odessa. You do not have to go out of town.

  • Complete immersion in the history of Odessa.

Thanks to the organizers, more than a kilometer excursion-trek, turns into a real journey in time, completely enveloping your consciousness, thereby stimulating memory in a way that it is simply impossible to forget the information told by experienced guides, since in addition to hearing the story you can see it , touching, you feel with all your being.

  • Unique opportunity. Recollection of such an event will remain with you for life.

Before you is a real performance, which is distinguished by its realism, thoughtfulness, topical approach and an interesting storyline.

  • Visit one of the most interesting sights of the city.

The Odessa catacombs of Moldavanka and the museum of "Secrets of underground Odessa" overshadow other interesting places of Odessa by their popularity and can compete for the title "Best in Odessa" except perhaps the world-famous Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater.

The Odessa catacombs of Moldavanka and the museum "Secrets of underground Odessa" are a look at the history and life of the city from the other side, from the bottom to the top.

Odessa Catacombs of Moldavanka

Odessa Catacombs of MoldavankaSecond Razumovsky Lane.

Once there was a real women's prison, which contained criminals, recidivists, murderers, the most dangerous women in the country. Due to this, a shelter was created here, because according to the law of that time, an air-raid shelter was to be adjacent to all places with a large crowd of people.

Secret Strategic Military Object.

At first glance, an inconspicuous, small and rusty garage. After all, secrecy means to hide the object from curious looks.

It is necessary to open the door as you see an incredible spectacle in front of you, like a door closet in Narnia (outside is a small one, inside a large one), even a car can not fit into this garage, but in fact a staircase leading to nowhere opens in front of you ...

In fact, the stairs lead to a depth of 25 meters! Where was the underground anti-nuclear shelter, designed for 1,200 people.

Over time, the shelter was abandoned, at times collapsed and disappeared.

In 2013, from the fund for the study and preservation of the heritage of Odessa "Memory" and the military historical club "Defender", as well as the military-historical club "Valor", the underground tunnel system was reanimated and the public museum "Secrets of underground Odessa" was organized

As you dive deeper into the bowels of the Odessa catacombs, you will discover the history of Odessa deeper and deeper.

Exposition of the museum "Secrets of underground Odessa"

The Odessa catacombs of Moldavanka are arranged in such a way that as you move along them you will be greeted by "rooms" with thematic subjects collected in them relating to the theme of the historical time of the exposition.

The most important thing is that you will discover the true story and events of life in Odessa.

For the greater interest of visitors, the staff of the museum "Secrets of the Underground Odessa" spiced it all up with legends, and of course they could not resist adding the post of apocalypse and stalkerism, beloved by many subjects.

Cold War


Place of partisans



Island of lovers

Church in the Catacombs

Bandit Odessa

In between the exhibitions, guides will tell you about revolutionary Odessa, port-franco (smuggling), treasures and many other interesting things...

Odessa catacombs of Moldavanka and the museum "Secrets of underground Odessa"


Contacts Odessa catacombs of Moldavanka and the museum "Secrets of underground Odessa"

Address: Ukraine, Odessa, 2nd Razumovsky lane, 3

+‎38(097) 787-92-08

Official site: odessakatakomby.com

Operating mode

Descent every day at 10:00 and 14:00

The recording by phone or through the site is required!

Ticket price

The general excursion is 250 UAH. per person
Average excursion time 3 hours

A helmet and a flashlight are issued.

Do not forget that you descend into the catacombs with a constant t ~ 15 ° C (with comfortable shoes and warm clothes)

The tourist card includes excursions in Russian or Ukrainian.
Excursion service in English is paid additionally + 500 UAH. with the group.

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