Sea walk on the boats “Pegas” and “Andromeda” Odessa

Sea walk on the boats "Pegas" and "Andromeda" Odessa

Sea walk on the boats "Pegas" and "Andromeda" Odessa

ODESSACARD suggests to enjoy all delights of Odessa under various corners, in a literal sense!

View of a pearl from the heart of the city.
The historic center and architecture – a tour on the electric vehicle.

Look inside, in soul and memory of the city.
History and secret knowledge – an excursion in catacombs.

Look from outside, pearl to the utmost!
Fine beauty of Odessa from the sea – sea walk by motor ship.

The sea walk across the quiet Black Sea under warm beams of the sun or cold light of the romantic moon accompanied with a pleasant breeze – unless not it is happiness?

Coast and beaches of Odessa as if will become bare before you, opening the sink and giving an opportunity to contemplate all beauty of a pearl. (One of the names of Odessa - Pearl near the sea)

From April to October the boats "Pegas" and "Andromeda" with pleasure is accepted on the board for commission of a fascinating trip along the coast of Odessa to Arkady.

In this sea walk before you, literally at hand distance, will float twice the well-known Vorontsovsky beacon (on withdrawal and calling of the vessel to the mooring, near breakwaters).

Surprising views of beach coast and parks of Odessa from the sea, together with fascinating industrial, technogenic beauty of the Odessa port as if intertwine, creating symbiosis of the nature and the industry are a delightful show!

At successful combination of circumstances motor ships are accompanied by dolphins and if does not carry to see these fine beings, be not upset, in the Odessa dolphinarium you precisely will see them!

Sea walk by boats "Pegas" and "Andromeda" is an integral part of rest in Odessa!

Sea walk on the boats "Pegas" and "Andromeda" Odessa

Sea walk on the boats "Pegas" and "Andromeda" Odessa

The snow-white, comfortable, new speed boats "Pegas" and "Andromeda" will present you the real joy, feeling of infinite freedom, freshness and happiness! Unforgettable impressions are guaranteed!

One hour sea walk departs from Marina, along the Odessa coast, by the Vorontsovsky beacon - the known symbol of Odessa, by trade port, by a dolphinarium even to Arkadia and back to the mooring of the Odessa port.

On the way you will be told a lot of  interesting information about the history of Odessa and its present.

If the weather is good we go to Arkadia, if it is bad you will have sea walk on port harbors: Practical, Grain, Quarantine.

Contact sea walk on the boats

Address: Ukraine, Odessa, Marina, berth # 17 (opposite the entrance to the church of St. Nicholas)

+38 (068) 273-37-03

Official site:

Operating mode

Valid from 01/04 to 09/30
Schedule check by phone

Ticket price

Ticket: 170 UAH.

The ODESSACARD tourist card includes a free sea cruise on the ship in Odessa.
Tour service is provided in russian.

Sea walk on the boats "Pegas" and "Andromeda" with ODESSACARD