Museum of Heroic Defense of Odessa

Museum of Heroic Defense of Odessa - a branch of the Odessa Museum of History and Local Lore

Museum of Heroic Defense of Odessa

Probably there is not one Odessa citizen, and probably a guest of the city, who does not know about the 411 battery of the Coast Guard, which has a proud name - the Heroic Defense Memorial of Odessa. Some call the 411 battery the largest museum in Europe.

Unfortunately, even the majority of Odessa citizens do not know that in the territory of the 411 batteries there is a museum of Odessa's heroic defense, and when asked about it, it means the whole complex of the memorial.

The branch of the Odessa Historical and Regional Museum - Odessa Heroic Defense Museum is located in the heart of the memorial park and contains a myriad of wealth - a wealth of memory heritage, courage, honor and fearlessness.

Everyone can learn something interesting, instructive and forgotten, regardless of age.

Workers of the Museum of Heroic Defense of Odessa are trying to convey with the help of the expositions not only significant dates and historical facts of the Second World War, but also to create whole complexes that reflect different facets and cases of this hard time.

Memorial of the heroic defense of Odessa. 411 battery of the Coast Guard.

Truly a huge territory of 411 batteries (16 hectares - 160 000 sq. m!) With exhibits in the open air will not leave indifferent or disinterested any visitor, here assembled combat vehicles, self-propelled units, tanks, submarine, military boat, all kinds of cannons and the defensive system itself.

Near each combat equipment there is an information tablet with the name, year of use and the essence of the exhibit.

It is interesting that access to all exhibits is possible, you can climb the tower of the tank, walk around the military boat, twist the hilt of the gun, as they say on Privoz - "Feel, pomatsat"

The whole park area is planted with oaks, trenches are created, which increases the interest in studying the park zone, and in different parts of the memorial you will find all sorts of training obstacle courses and will be able to test your strength.

Exposition of the Museum of Heroic Defense of Odessa

The exposition "Odessa and the Territory in the Great Patriotic War" is divided into several parts.

The exposition of the Museum of Heroic Defense of Odessa reveals the time when Odessa collided with the enemy and first destroyed the myth of the invincibility of the fascist invaders for which it was the first awarded with the proud title, which is still to this day - the City of Hero.

Occupation and guerrilla movement
Museum of Heroic Defense of Odessa reveals the time of occupation by the German-Romanians after the departure of the defenders of Odessa, which led to the desertion of more than one street, and the state did not recover after the defense, simply could not resist the invaders.

The time of the underground-guerrilla actions of citizens of Odessa, which did not tolerate the actions of the occupiers. At this time, the famous Odessa catacombs played an important role.

The exposition of the museum tells about the attack on the invaders on all fronts and the lightning defeat of the enemy, which led to the liberation of Odessa.

Museum-memorial of the heroic defense of Odessa

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Contacts of the Odessa Heroic Defense Museum

Address: Ukraine, Odessa, st. Kovalevsky's dacha, 150

Phone: +38 (048) 746-72-29

Official site:

Operating mode

10:00 - 17:00
Closed: Monday and Friday

Ticket price

Ticket: 25 UAH.
Excursion: 40 UAH.

Order of excursion to the Heroic Defense Memorial of Odessa: 40 UAH.

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