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Museums of Odessa

The word "Museum" came from Ancient Greek language and is literally translated as the House of Muses.

Certainly among city visitors, Odessa is famous first of all as the remarkable resort with the soft and warm climate, gold sand and the readily available, quiet Black Sea.

It is also not necessary and to forget that Odessa is rich with the culture and history. Being "nursing mother" for the people of art who are looking for inspiration and sincere calm.

Being a tutor and a muse of many famous creators and figures, Odessa absorbed in itself not only the, but also history of persons who one way or another influenced development of various arts: art, literary, graphic, musical and other.

In all directions it is possible to get acquainted with history of Odessa and its development in the Odessa museums some of which are famous and registered the best not only in Ukraine, but also for its limits.

The museums of Odessa with the card of the tourist of ODESSACARD

The local history museum in the expositions will acquaint you with Odessa and Ukraine, will reveal secrets of the past and will add your knowledge of history.

The literary museum will acquaint with great writers of the past and the present, showing a deep plan of literature and a life story of writers in the expositions.

The art museum collected a huge collection of painting of different centuries and eras. Studying exhibits in museum halls, you as if travel in time, going from one century to another.

Akkermansky fortress will ship you in Belgorod-Dniester at the time of 15-16 centuries, allowing to enjoy the grandeur and beautiful views from centenary walls.

The museum of cognac will share with you art and history of a spirtokureniye, will teach to blend and will give the chance will enjoy "king" of drinks.

The museum "Steppe Ukraine" branch Local history, will open for you history of Odeshchina and will visually show customs and life of the people inhabiting the South of Ukraine.

The museum of the western and east art united art of the whole world in a single whole, here you will get acquainted with ancient art, art of the countries of Asia and Europe, and also various masterpieces of different eras and the countries of the world.

The museum of heroic defense of Odessa, will open before you history of heroism and firmness of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers.

The museum of A.S. Pushkin, will show you life and draft copies of the greatest of poets since Alexander Sergeyevich's stay in Odessa.

K. G. Paustovsky's museum, will provide to your attention a life story and works of Konstantin Georgiyevich who was so loving Odessa and his trace in the history of the city.

The municipal museum of A. V. Bleshchunov – will acquaint you with life and hobbies of the famous and kind inhabitant of Odessa who influenced development of mountaineering and youth.


ODESSACARD tries to provide to city visitors the most interesting and considerable the museum of the Pearl by the sea, constantly developing and giving the chance to carry out rest in Odessa not only for a body, but also as a soul.