Akkerman Fortress in Belgorod-Dnestrovsky

Akkerman Fortress in Belgorod-Dnestrovsky or "Akkerman"

Akkerman Fortress in Belgorod-Dnestrovsky

Akkerman Fortress in Belgorod-Dnestrovsky - The largest and most preserved fortress in the whole of Ukraine. Built over 200 years, it stands on the shore of the rocky bank of the Dniester Estuary, having erected its walls with a thickness of more than 5.5 meters on the remains of the ancient city of Tire for more than 600 years.

The construction of the Akkerman fortress was a necessity of that time due to constant attacks and raids. After two hundred years of construction, the opinions of historians, the belonging of the Akkerman fortress to the origin differ significantly, some consider it to be Moldavian, the other Turkish, but this does not change the fact that the walls of the Akkerman fortress are 2.5 km long and repeatedly saved the city from attacks And played an important role in the defense of our state, because at that time this fortress was beaten by one of the most powerful defensive structures with an area of ​​about 9 hectares, with 34 towers of which at the moment only 26 and only Printing ditch 647 meters around the fortress and 14 meters wide, which filled with water from the estuary and reached a depth of 20 meters, and the walls and towers reaching a height of 15 meters and did Akkerman Fortress inaccessible in the truest sense of the word.

Akkerman Fortress is a monument of town planning of 13 - 15 centuries, which is surrounded by an aura of mystery, secrets and stories, because its walls are history ...

Ancient Thira

Visiting the Akkerman fortress in Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, you simply can not miss the excavations of the ancient Tire, which are on the right side of the main entrance to Akkerman Fortress.

Tira - Ancient Greek city on the banks of the estuary of the Dniester (Tiras), on the site of the city of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky and was named after the river - Tiras. Tire became one of the significant ancient Greek colonies of the North-Western Black Sea Region in the 4th century. BC.

The city was located on two terraces: the upper one, where the acropolis was located, with temples, public buildings, agora (market square) and residential quarters, partially occupied by the medieval Akkerman Fortress. The lower terrace - along the riverbank, there was also a port, now flooded.


Exposition of the Akkerman Fortress

In fact, Akkerman Fortress in Belgorod-Dnestrovsky is entirely and up to the last brick an entire exposition of town planning of the 15th century, but conditionally it can be divided into the most notable towers of the Akkerman fortress and separate rooms:

Tower of the Main Gate

The so-called Kili Gate was established in 1476. They meet their visitors with impressive dimensions and height.

Akkerman Fortress. Interesting Facts:
The height of the tower is 11.5 m., Three-tier. On the first tier there is a passage tunnel, on the second one - the mechanisms of the bridge lifting system and grids - gers. The third tier is combat.

Pushkins Tower

One of the most important towers in terms of defense of the south-western sector, protected both the western mouth of the moat, and the southern part of the Port yard.

Akkerman Fortress. Interesting Facts:
Square in plan, four-tier, has 2 entrances. The modern height is 13 m. The first deaf level is a storage room. From the second tier to the upper led a stone staircase.

Harem Tower

The name of the tower is misleading, since there was no harem in it, and according to historians in the fortress there were no women at all. The vaults of the tower were arranged in such a way that they give food for the supposition that this was a mosque. Another opinion is based on the fact that in the southern wall there is a toilet cubicle with a drain system unusual for the fortress by pipes in the wall. The funniest thing is that the toilet from the tower is located right at the entrance to the Turkish hammam. That is, the Turks built their baths after the construction of the tower, which refutes the facts about the mosque.

Akkerman Fortress. Interesting Facts:
Rectangular in plan, three-tiered. The entrance is located on the side of the Civic Court, leads to the second tier with a pointed vault. Communication with the first tier was carried out on a wooden staircase. The third level is an open battleground.

Watch Tower

The storage tower served as a watchtower, and gunpowder reserves were stored on the first tier.

Akkerman Fortress. Interesting Facts:
Rectangular in plan, the modern height is 15.5 m. Four-level, with wooden ceilings between the tiers, the connection between which was carried out with the help of wooden stairs.

Southeast Tower

The commandant's tower, from the first to the second level, led a wooden staircase, to the upper one - a stone staircase. On the battle course of the eastern curtain of the citadel you can get to the third tier of the tower. The fourth tier was restored during the restoration.

Akkerman Fortress. Interesting Facts:
Round in plan, four-tiered, modern height - 17 m. The entrance to the tower was made from the side of the castle courtyard through a broken narrow corridor.

Southwestern Tower

Tower - Dungeon, the first tier is blocked by a stone arch, it is isolated, it was used under a warehouse. On the third tier passed along the battle course of the western curtain of the castle, from this room one could get to the second and fourth tiers.

Akkerman Fortress. Interesting Facts:
Round in plan, four-tier, modern height of 15 m. Entrance to the tower was carried out from the courtyard of the citadel through a narrow corridor with a lancet arch.

Maidens Tower

The tower of Ovid is, that's impressive, that you will open in the first place, when approaching the fortress from the side of the city. The feeling of her greatness is amplified by her moat, which is seen in the video.

Akkerman Fortress. Interesting Facts:
The tower is Combat, four-tiered, octagonal in plan. The modern height is 12 m. The entrance is located on the second tier from the battle course of the fortress wall. The inter-tiered communication was carried out by means of stone stairs.

Tower of the Water Gates

It was the entrance to the Akkerman Fortress from the side of the estuary, which was overlapped on the inside by a double-edged gate, with an outer gates-lattice.

Akkerman Fortress. Interesting Facts:
Rectangular in plan, two-tiered, modern height - 10 m. On the first tier there is a pass to the Port yard.

Tower of the Middle Gate

Unfortunately, the staircase and the second tier of the tower did not survive, but the administration of the Akkerman fortress placed a wooden staircase, which allows you to enjoy the views of the endless estuary and to feel the pleasant breeze that is growing at such an altitude.

Akkerman Fortress. Interesting Facts:
Rectangular in plan, bunk. The existing height of 6 m. On the first level there is a passage tunnel to the Garrison Court. According to the plans of the XVIII century. The tower was crowned with a gable roof.


From Arabic - lighthouse, the building from which they call believers to pray.
On the ruins of a Christian church in the late 15th century, a mosque with a minaret was built by the Ottomans.

Akkerman Fortress. Interesting Facts:
The minaret with a square base in the plan, ended with a balcony (sherphe). Inside - a spiral stone staircase

North-east Tower

The evacuation tower was adapted to use artillery. To date, the tower has three entrances: the first - at the level of the second tier from the courtyard of the citadel, the second entrance is located from the eastern east curtain, and is now built up. The third - appeared as a result of restoration, is carried out from the battle course of the northern curtain.

Akkerman Fortress. Interesting Facts:
Round in plan, modern height - 15 m, four-tier, through all the tiers are marches of stone stairs.

Northwestern Tower

Tower - Treasury collapsed in 1889.

Akkerman Fortress. Interesting Facts:
Round in plan, was located on the edge of the coastal cliff. It was partially preserved. The entrance to the tower was carried out at the level of the fighting course of the north curtain of the citadel.


Akkerman Fortress

Akkerman Fortress - Outpost

Also, the Akkerman fortress in Belgorod-Dnestrovsky constantly takes in its welcoming embrace annual historical fencing tournaments, where real medieval knights: in true armor, chained to the forge, with real swords - are fighting for supremacy in this sport. These days Akkerman Fortress is especially fascinating, capable of impressing with its ethnic color any tourist.

In Akkerman Fortress, well-known and just entered the star path - music groups, various exhibitions and shows are often performed. On the territory of the Akkerman Fortress you will find employment on your own - from archery and riding a horse to rest in an institution where a shish kebab is prepared before your very eyes and serviced by girls and boys dressed in the latest peep of fashion of the 15th century!

In Akkerman Fortress, not far from Odessa, you will find an amazing world full of mysteries and delicious discoveries, if you carefully examine the fortress, you will find: the dungeon - without a single window with a domed ceiling, a horrific cellar with instruments of torture, a room with a theater of shadows and much more ...

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