Odessa Museum of Paustovsky

The Odessa Memorial Museum of K.G. Paustovsky - a branch of the Odessa Literary Museum

Odessa Museum of Paustovsky

Odessa Museum of Paustovsky is one of six museums open in honor of this famous and so Odessa-loving writer, in all countries of the former CIS.

The Odessa Museum of Paustovsky opened its doors for visitors in 1998, which gives him the right to be considered one of the youngest museums in Odessa.

Odessa Museum Paustovsky settled at the address of the author's residence in 1919-1922, (this house unfortunately did not remain, but very close), here with the help of the author's pen, numerous famous characters of famous stories dedicated to Odessa were created.

The number of exhibits of the Odessa Museum of Paustovsky reaches more than 1,000, which includes: records, documents, photographs, the work of the author's life path and many other things that convey the versatility of Konstantin Georgievich Paustovsky, among the most rare are: author's notes while working in Odessa newspapers "Sailor" And "Opprotkogub", the testimony of the editor Konstantin Paustovsky and the regulations of the community "Under the apple tree"- the organization of writers like-minded, created by K. G. Paustovsky at the time of his stay in Odessa, in which Isaac Livshits, Isaac Babel and others were members.

Paustovsky Konstantin Georgiyevich

Odessa Museum of Paustovsky Odessa Museum of Paustovsky

Born in 1892 on May 31 in Moscow, moved with his parents to Kiev (one of the most beloved cities of Constantine Paustovsky), entered the First Kiev classical gymnasium.

KG Paustovsky went through a very long and difficult life, changed many trades and experienced the First World War, the October Revolution, the Great Patriotic War, many adversities and difficulties, but did not lose the love of life, self-improvement and the desire to share with people the beautiful.

In Odessa, Paustovsky visited as a schoolboy:

«… As a boy I saw the sea in Odessa, it seemed a cool, blue cloud. Live blueness rustled off the coast from red hot clay, sails and rusty ships swayed …»

In 1919, the future writer again laid the "Pearl by the Sea", at first, without finding a job, Paustovsky spent the night in the former studio "Alshvanga" (Deribasovskaya, Catherine's corner) where he slept on the removed door, placing it on two boxes.

After a while Konstantin Georgievich nevertheless got a job in Opprotkogub (an organization engaged in providing the army). He issued a newsletter in 1920, and from 1921 he got a job in the newspaper "Sailor"

Paustovsky is surrounded by writers (future) among whom was Isaac Babel.

«… Isaac Babel - the name of a huge and generous talent …»

Finally, the writer finds a home on Chernomorskaya Street No. 8, but at the moment the house is not preserved, and the Odessa Museum of Paustovsky was opened in house number 6 (very close), this writer was very fond of the writer and described it as an island of hope and rest:

«… I loved this small out-of-the-way street and I was sure that it was the most picturesque in the world. The way from the city to the Black Sea street was a kind of medicine for adversity. I often experienced this on myself. Sometimes I came back from the city in despair because of some failure, but when I entered the deserted alleys surrounding the Black Sea, I heard the rustle of old acacias, see the dark ivy on the fences, feel the sea in my face, and immediately came back calm and spiritual ease …»

Paustovsky in Odessa

In honor of Paustovsky Konstantin Georgievich, not only the Odessa Museum of Paustovsky was created, but a square was also named, which is located along his favorite street, the street in the village of Kotovsky, and the first monument was erected in Odessa, which stands in the garden "Sculpture Garden" of the Odessa Literary Museum.

The exposition of the Odessa Museum of Paustovsky

For the most part, the Odessa Museum of Paustovsky is devoted to the book "Time of Great Expectations" (author's life in Odessa) - private things and objects of the author's everyday life, notes, photographs and manuscripts.

Konstantin Paustovsky created more than twenty fairy tales, some of which were redrawn in cartoons.

Exhibits exhibited in the Odessa Museum of Paustovsky:

Published by different years, the volumes of his brainchild and letters. Visiting visitors are issued special samples of the book "Time of Big Expectations" in Braille.

The model of the house (Chernomorskaya No. 8), in which the author lived.

A model of a motor ship named after Konstantin Paustovsky. (The visitor has the opportunity to try to tap SOS using a telegraph).

The exposition complex is devoted to the author's working hours in the Opprotkombie.

The exhibition complex "Sailor" from the time of the author's work in the newspaper - pages of newspapers, painted royal paper with an article, editorial evidence of Paustovsky, photographs of employees.

The exposition complex dedicated to the Ukrainian history of the biography of Paustovsky, in which there are several amazing exhibits: a badge from Paustovsky's belt, from the time when he studied at the Kiev Gymnasium and published the story of Taras Shevchenko in 1939, to which the author made a lot of efforts traveling to all places of stay of Taras Shevchenko.

Exhibits, dedicated to the Black Sea Street - photos, drawings, drawings.

Literary portraits of Paustovsky - Peter Schmidt and Alexander Green.

The exposition "The World Reads Paustovsky" in which you can find out that the writer's works were translated into more than sixty languages ​​of the world. Many foreigners love Paustovsky, and the Dutch even gave him the nickname "The First Ecologist of Europe"

In the courtyard of the Odessa Museum of Paustovsky you will see the exposition "Paustovsky and the Sea" and "Paustovsky and the World of Plants".

Address: Ukraine, Odessa, st. Chernomorskaya, 6

+38 (048) 722-84-47
+38 (048) 731-45-97

Official site: paustovskiy.od.ua

Operating mode

10:00 - 17:00
Closed: Monday

Ticket price

Ticket: 30 UAH.
Excursion: 60 UAH.

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