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Odessa Literary and Memorial Museum A.S Pushkin - a branch of the Odessa Literary Museum

Odessa Museum of Pushkin

Odessa Museum of Pushkin is located on the former Italian street, in one of the very first hotels of the city - Hotel Charles Sicara "Hotel du Nord". The project of architect Frappoli (as well as many beautiful, historical buildings of Odessa).

It was in this hotel that Alexander Pushkin stopped, as soon as he came to Odessa to serve with Vorontsov and lived here, a little less than a month.

Subsequently, the street was named after the world-famous poet, Odessa Museum of Pushkin - Pushkinskaya Street 13. The museum itself is located in several rooms of the former hotel, the entrance from the courtyard and to the right. And near the house where Alexander Pushkin lived, a monument was erected in honor of the poet, which can not be missed because of its realism, with the monument, surprisingly "lively and warm" photographs are obtained.



The house itself suffered a change, as it was badly damaged during the Second World War, and during the reconstruction it was decided not to restore the front balcony and stables.

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A. Pushkin in Odessa

Odessa Museum of Pushkin. Aivazovsky. Pushkin near the Black SeaBeing a civil servant in exile, Alexander Sergeevich arrived in Odessa to serve a new governor of the city at his own request:

I raped Inzov forcibly, so that he would let me go to Odessa - I left my Moldavia and came to Europe. The restauration and the Italian opera reminded me of the past and, to God, have renewed my soul.
(From a letter to my brother)

Pushkin stayed in the city for a little more than a year, during which he managed to write several chapters of "Eugene Onegin", finish the poem "Gypsies" and "Bakhchisarai Fountain", write more than 30 poems.

Interesting Facts:

It was after the service in Odessa that Alexander Pushkin decided to end his career in public service and became the first professional poet of the empire.

Pushkin received the first fee for his work in Odessa, who knows how the history of the world-famous author would turn if he had not visited the city, which he himself described:

There everything breathes, breathes,
Everything shines in the south and brightens
The variety is lively. (AS Pushkin, "Eugene Onegin")

Exposition of the Odessa Museum of Pushkin

Odessa Museum of Pushkin - "Pushkin House" is exactly what this museum, which has grown fond of Odessa, has existed for more than fifty years, and managed to collect a lot of exhibits thanks to famous scientists, collectors and writers.

The exposition of the Odessa Museum of Pushkin consists of paintings of the print, many images of Alexander Sergeevich, autographs, his sketches and drafts, rare works.

Furniture and household items that surrounded the author, as well as his "Weapon" - feather with an inkwell, will immerse you in the era of the poet's life and help to further understand the works written by his hand.

During the celebration of the bicentennial of the poet, a new exposition was organized, which was devoted to the author's works during his stay in Odessa, as well as his friendship, love and service relations.

"Pushkin Museumon"

Odessa Museum of Pushkin organizes exhibitions and conducts classes "Pushkin Museum", where children share creativity based on the poet's work.

Odessa Museum of Pushkin


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