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The Museum of Interesting Science will change your perception of such a thing as a museum. After all, the entire exposition of this museum is interactive and designed for every visitor to be able to touch and conduct scientific experiments with his own hands!

Entertaining science will entice both adults and children and many things from the school curriculum will open up to you in a new way.

Science and entertainment are compatible, and physics and other natural sciences are not boring at all. Come and see for yourself!

A special program has been developed for groups of schoolchildren. Going to the Museum of Interesting Science is a great way to diversify your weekends or weekdays - especially since leisure can henceforth not only be entertaining, but also educational! For this, the museum holds scientific shows, sessions in the planetarium and many other events. Also, only in the Museum of interesting science can be noted an unforgettable birthday or another celebration! After all, there is a cozy cafe on its territory, and experienced guides will prepare for the children and adults an exciting and, most importantly, a unique program!


Expositions of the Museum of Interesting Science


Museum of interesting science. Exhibit Acoustics. Drum kit


Acoustics - the science of sound, studying the physical nature of sound and the problems associated with its occurrence, spread, perception and impact.

Exhibits of the section "Acoustics" in the Museum of Interesting Science:

Transparent piano
A real drum set
Laser Harp
Sound Level meter
And other all kinds of devices with which you can experiment, touch and scream.



Museum of entertaining science. Anatomy exhibit. Human skeleton


Human Anatomy is a branch of biology that studies the morphology of the human body, its systems and organs. The subject of studying human anatomy is the shape and structure, the origin and development of the human body.

Exhibits of the section "Anatomy" in the Museum of Interesting Science:

All kinds of objects and sculptures of the human body, development and birth, blood system, brain, skeleton and much more.



Odessa Museum of Science. A giant table. Lilliput.


Engineering - is closely intertwined with science, relying on the postulates of fundamental science and the results of applied research. In this sense, it is a branch of scientific and technical activity.

Exhibits of the "Engineering" section in the Museum of Interesting Science:

An incredible number of subjects demonstrating the elementary principles of engineering, here you can find answers to the questions: is it possible to build a bridge without nails? What is more convenient to sit on nails or billiard balls?



Museum of interesting science. Section of Mechanics


Mechanics - the division of physics, a science that studies the motion of material bodies and the interaction between them; while the motion in mechanics is the change in time of the mutual position of bodies or their parts in space.

Exhibits of the "Mechanics" section in the Museum of Interesting Science:

All kinds of mechanical items showing resistance, friction, kinetics and much more. It is interesting that in the museum there is an amazing invention - Perpetual motion ... Yes, yes. Perpetual motion machine - only it does not work. Why? Come and you will understand everything.



Museum of interesting science in Odessa. Optics. Head on saucer


Optics is a branch of physics that deals with phenomena associated with the propagation of electromagnetic waves in the visible, infrared and ultraviolet ranges of the spectrum. Optics describes the properties of light and explains the phenomena associated with it.

Exhibits of the section "Optics" in the Museum of Interesting Science:

All kinds of objects and devices that deceive our eyesight and immediately explain why this happens.

This section includes a wonderful and interesting mirror labyrinth - carefully, do not rush in it, it's not so simple as it seems.



The most interesting museum in Odessa. For children and adults


Electromagnetism, a branch of physics that studies laws and phenomena associated with interaction and interdependence between electricity and magnetism. The area in which the action of the electromagnetic system can be detected is called the electromagnetic field.

Exhibits of the section "Electromagnetism" in the Museum of Interesting Science:

The device and objects with magnets and electricity, schemes such as "Young electrician", magnetic drawing, magnetic bridge construction and much more.


Liquid and gas

Museum of Science in Odessa. Liquids and gases


Liquid and gas are aggregate states of substances.

Exhibits of the section "Liquid and Gas" in the Museum of Interesting Science:

Exhibits show the states and laws of movement and changes in various liquids and gases. This section includes a whole room with soap bubbles - find yourself inside a huge bubble!



Museum of Science. Planetarium


In addition to the permanent exhibition, the planetarium also operates. Meet the galaxy, touch the stars and feel all the greatness and power of the solar system.

Sessions in the planetarium are held every hour, starting with the opening of the Museum.

Visiting the planetarium is not included in the ticket price and is - 40 UAH.


Museum of Interesting Science in Odessa

Also in the Museum of Interesting Science there are always various scientific shows and performances, with a description and a schedule of which you can find on the official website of the Museum of Interesting Science.

There is a shop with interesting gifts and a delicious cafe "Joule"

The Museum of Interesting Science provides our beloved customers with an additional discount!
-10% of the price of "Experiment"
-15% for the whole check, the smartest cafe in Odessa "Joule"! (Right inside the museum)

In the Odessa Museum of Interesting Science you will spend a wonderful day, regardless of your age!

Contacts of the Museum of Interesting Science

Address: Ukraine, Odessa, Shevchenko Avenue, 4th

+38 (048) 759-12-57
+38 (063) 628-11-85
+38 (098) 393-56-65

Official site:

Operating mode

From 10:00 to 20:00 (without days off)

Ticket price

Ticket - 160 UAH. (children under 3 years free of charge)

2-15 people. Children 3-7 - 120 UAH. ~ 1 hour
2-20 people. From 6 years - 150 UAH. ~ 1 hour

Scientific shows and performances from 80 UAH. ~ 40 min.

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