Shustov Cognac Museum

Shustov Cognac Museum

Shustov Cognac MuseumWe are pleased to offer you an acquaintance with one of the largest cognac houses in Ukraine - the Odessa Shustov Cognac Museum, where experienced specialists will dedicate you to the secret of creating a noble drink.
Cognac is a truly divine drink. For almost four hundred years its production has been covered with many secrets and secrets, which are not known to everyone. Jean-Paul Camus, representative of the famous French cognac dynasty, once said: "It's easy to make a wonderful cognac. All that you need for this is the great-grandfather, grandfather and father who devoted this to their whole life."
We invite you to make a trip to the only Shustov Cognac Museum in Ukraine. The museum exists since 2013. During this time It has become not only one of the most important sights of Odessa, but also a unique place that will completely immerse you in the secrets of making a noble drink.

History Shustov cognac

At the beginning of the 20th century, the empire did not have a better-known product on the market than the cognac "from Shustov"

• 1803 year
Odessa is one of the first in the Russian Empire to get access to such a noble drink as cognac. Since 1803, through the port of the city, supplies of the best brandies of the famous houses of France have begun.

• 1900
The biggest victory of the Shustovs was the awarding of their products in the 1900 Grand Prix at the World Exhibition in Paris. It was then that the Shustovs were honored to write the word cognac on their products, and not brandy, as was customary.

• 2002
At the Odessa Cognac Plant, a new shop of cognac spirit-smoking is starting to work - the most powerful in Europe. It is equipped with distillers of the French firm Prulho from the French province of Charente. It is Prulho that is considered to be the real trendsetter in the manufacture of cognac spirit-smoking equipment.

Today, the workshop of alcoholic smoking in the Odessa Cognac Factory is the largest in Europe. During the season of alcohol smoking (about 6 months), you can smoke up to 3 million decalitres of cognac wine materials and get up to 2 thousand deciliters of absolute alcohol per day. More than 15 thousand barrels of cognac spirits are stored in the OKZ holding departments. This is a real gold reserve of the cognac industry - the largest in the country.

In 2013, the Odessa Cognac Factory began exporting brandy spirits of its own fancy to France.

Shustov Cognac Museum - it is interesting!

Exposition of the Shustov Cognac Museum

Central Gallery

Shustov Cognac Museum. Permanent exhibition.

History of the birth of cognac.

2 hall

Shustov Cognac Museum. Permanent exhibition.

Cooper production and aging of cognac spirits.

4 hall

Shustov Cognac Museum. Permanent exhibition.

The history of the Odessa Cognac Factory.
The cinema hall. A film about the history of the legendary drink cognac.


6 hall

Shustov Cognac Museum. Tasting room.

Art-Bar of the Shustov Cognac Museum

1 hall

Shustov Cognac Museum. Permanent exhibition.

Primary wine making and alcohol smoking.

3 hall

Shustov Cognac Museum. Permanent exhibition.

History of the Shustov dynasty.

5 hall

Shustov Cognac Museum. Hall of interchangeable expositions.

A place for exhibitions, presentations, conferences and other cultural events.


Additional services of the Shustov Cognac Museum

Shustov Cognac MuseumIn the 6th hall of the Shustov Cognac Museum tastings of cognacs of different aging time are held, which you can additionally order before the start of the excursion (discount on tasting with ODESSACARD - 15%).

More information about tasting cognacs of the Shustov Cognac Museum you can find out here.





A new service from the "Art-bar of the Shustov Cognac Museum"

A new service from the "Art-bar of the Shustov Cognac Museum" - become "Maitre de Che" *!

Only in the Shustov Cognac Museum you can buy (combine) cognac of different age, flavor, taste among themselves, having your own, perhaps the perfect blend and arrange an incredible tasting of this blend for friends at home. At you it precisely will turn out, because at blending to you our expert well versed in manufacture and creation of cognac will help.

* "Maitre de She" ("master of the cellar" fr.)


Purchase of a collector's release from ShustovAfter the excursion and tasting you will be able to buy the products of the Shustov factory in the corporate store.
ODESSACARD allows you to buy Cognac from the collection release with a 25% discount!

Shustov Cognac Museum

The history of cognac production and brandy Shustov



Contacts of the Shustov Cognac Museum

Address: Ukraine, Odessa, st. Melnitskaya 13

+38 (048) 740 08 99
+38 (067) 222 77 70

Official site:

Operating mode

10:00 to 20:00

Seven days a week

Ticket price

Excursion: 100 UAH. (preliminary recording is necessary)

Tasting: from +80 UAH. up to +480 UAH. (types of tasting)

With the ODESSACARD tourist card you get:
• Free excursion to the Shustov Cognac Museum
• Discount on any tasting -15%!
• Purchase discount cognac from the collection release of Shustov -25%!

The ODESSACARD tourist card includes a free entrance to the Shustov Cognac Museum with an excursion in ukrainian or russian. Additional services, including a tour in a foreign language, are paid separately.

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