Odessa Museum of Steppe Ukraine

Odessa Museum of Steppe Ukraine - a branch of the Odessa Local History Museum

Odessa Museum of Steppe Ukraine

A museum with an identical name existed in Odessa already in 1925 and its expositions consisted of more than 2,000 exhibits collected from Polissya, Dnieper, Podillya, Black Sea and other regions of southern Ukraine.

The Odessa Museum of Steppe Ukraine collected portraits, documents, literature, items and clothes that reflected the specificity of the south of Ukraine - Odeschiny and reflected the importance of development for the whole of Ukraine.

In 1931, the Odessa Museum of Steppe Ukraine was closed due to the termination of the state support for research and "Ukrainization".

Odessa Historical Museum of Local Lore managed to save the lion's share of exhibits and multiplied it in the period from 1950 to 1980.

Finally, in 2006, in honor of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Museum of History and Local History, Odessa Museum of Steppe Ukraine again opened for its visitors and revived the ethnographic museum as a center for the resurrection of Ukraine's cultural heritage.

At the ticket office of the Odessa Museum "Steppe Ukraine" you can purchase a tourist card ODESSACARD

Exposition of the Odessa Museum of Steppe Ukraine

In fact, the Odessa Museum of Steppe Ukraine is itself one large exposition of the Odessa Museum of Local History, but within itself is divided into two parts.

Exposition of the history of the museum itself, which absorbed not only the history of creation, information about creators and activists, but also reveals the structure of the museum's work before the visitor.

The collection display of expositions has been preserved since the period of 1925, which gives an idea of ​​the changes in the development of the museum business and shows the process of donating future exhibits from diverse representatives of the intelligentsia.

Smoothly moving to the next part of the exposition you will be accompanied by art works of the Cossack era and like a resurgent Ukrainian estate with a unique complex of exhibits "Misnik's closet" with housed inside utensils in 1928.

The second part of the exposition is distinguished by the unique structure of the reconstruction of residential complexes of different ethnic groups of the colonists of the Odesa: Old Believers, Gagauz, Greeks, Moldavians and others. Transmitting the representation of cultural and material values ​​of that time.

The structure of the structure around one of the ethnic groups includes a number of exhibits, creating a complex in the center of which is national clothing, a variety of manufactures, tools, furniture, dishes and decorative art.

Agricultural implements and photographs give insight into the work and economy of the region.

In the Odessa Museum of Steppe Ukraine there are exhibitions, master classes of folk crafts and all kinds of meetings.


Contacts Odessa Museum of Steppe Ukraine

Address: Ukraine, Odessa, st. Lanzheronovskaya, 24-a

Phone: +38 (048) 722-48-67

Official site: history.odessa.ua

Operating mode

10:00 - 17:00
Closed: Thursday, Friday

Ticket price

Ticket: 25 UAH.
Excursion: 50 UAH.

The ODESSACARD tourist card includes free admission to the main exposition of the Odessa Steppe Ukraine Museum, additional services are paid separately, including the order of the guide in any languages.

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