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The history of coffee is very long and exciting, it seems to be wrapped in a fog of secrets and omissions, which makes it possible to realize how difficult it is for a person to share with others something nice and pleasant.

It is generally believed that coffee was discovered by a shepherd from Ethiopia, who observed that his wards were behaving strangely-actively at a later time, after consuming the given fruit. This shepherd shared his remarks with the local monk, who in turn checked the miraculous property of the fruit of this tree on himself. In the future, issuing it to the monks, who stood up for the evening prayers.

The discovery of coffee dates back to about 850 BC. - but before reaching the state in which we are accustomed to see it, coffee has gone a very long way.

Fry coffee in Odessa

A real coffee in Odessa

"Fry coffee in Odessa" - a network of mini shops, which specializes in the correct roasting of different types of coffee, according to world experience in this industry.

Well, what was it like "Fry coffee in Odessa" - if Odessa had nothing new and original in this combination? That's why the guys with "Fry coffee in Odessa" supplement "in Odessa" received for their services, professionalism and of course for the immense and uniting the whole team with love for the right coffee, which allows them to identify and create new blends and shades of this divine drink.

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The motto "Fry coffee in Odessa" - The shortest path of coffee beans from all over the world to your cup!

After all, a real coffee man and a lover of this drink knows that the entire bouquet of taste, aroma and toning properties of coffee is lost with time and has not yet created the packaging that can stop the wilting process and the aging of coffee beans.

"Fry coffee in Odessa" makes roasting coffee right before your eyes! And warm coffee will please you and your guests with their aroma and invigorating taste.

In the shops "Fry coffee in Odessa" you can enjoy coffee of any sort and degree of roasting, taste coffee sorts of the most remote corners of the world and identify exactly the one that will be closest to your liking.

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Assortment «Fry coffee in Odessa»


Arabica in Fry coffee in Odessa

The name of the plant is the Coffee Tree of Arabia (Coffea Arabica).

Arabica - the most important type of coffee in the world - is characterized by a complex aroma and taste.

Fruits of Arabica contain: 18% of aromatic oils, 1.5% of caffeine. The taste of coffee made from Arabica is sweet, with a slight sourness.

Arabica accounts for almost 70% of all coffee produced in the world. The number of varieties of Arabian wood that are used today in the coffee industry okol 50. However, growing it is quite difficult, because it is very sensitive to diseases, pests and frosts.

Santos Brazil

Coffee Santos Brazil in Fry coffee in Odessa


The taste of Arabica of this species is brightly expressed, dense and rich, has a balanced sour taste with sweet notes and a spicy aftertaste. The fragrance of Santos Brazil is thin, without foreign notes.

The drink obtained from the grains of this kind will be enjoyed by lovers of classical coffee taste - saturated, smooth, without "distracting" taste notes inherent in exotic varieties. It is thanks to the natural balance of Santos Brazil - an excellent coffee for the formation of blends.


Sidamo Ethiopia

Sidamo Ethiopia Fry coffee in Odessa


This is an excellent coffee from Ethiopia with a sweetish flavor with notes of bergamot, prunes and forest berries. The aftertaste is dominated by notes of spices, vanilla, cocoa and bitter chocolate. The aroma is bright, smoky with notes of bread, caramel and flowers.



Coffee Nicaragua in Fry coffee in Odessa


The taste of Nicaragua is bright, balanced, with pronounced sourness and slight bitterness. The amazing cognac aroma of this coffee complements the wine-chocolate flavor with notes of wild honey and rye bread.



Coffee of Kenya in Fry coffee in Odessa


Kenya has unique original taste characteristics, so it is easy to distinguish it from other types of coffee.

The taste of this coffee is thick and rich with basic wine, fruit and spicy notes. There is a pronounced acidity, a slight bitterness, and in the aftertaste notes of citrus fruits and forest berries. The aroma is dense, sweet, with halftones of caramel and tropical fruits.



Coffee of Peru in Fry coffee in Odessa


Peruvian coffee with a taste of moderate acidity and a balanced balanced nut taste, with creamy and vanilla notes. Bitterness in taste is practically absent. A delicate aroma with notes of spices and freshly baked rye bread.



Coffee Colombia in Fry coffee in Odessa


The taste of Columbia coffee is balanced, velvety, sweet with notes of caramel and chocolate, with a pleasant fruit and wine sour. Infusion is moderately saturated, aftertaste is even with floral notes. Colombian coffee contains the largest amount of caffeine among the world's arabica brands. Therefore, the flow of strength and vigor after a cup of fragrant Colombia is guaranteed to you!


Costa Rica

Coffee Costa Rica Fry Coffee in Odessa


The bright, "burning" taste of Costa Rican arabica is known and liked by sophisticated coffee gourmets in all capitals of the civilized world.

The taste of Costa Rica's coffee is complex, bright, "explosive", "fiery" with pronounced wine notes and a taste of walnut and spices. This basic palette is complemented by a little noticeable bitterness and a piquant sourness. The aroma of this coffee is delicate, noble with notes of spices and thick red wine.



Coffee Honduras in Fry coffee in Odessa


Magnificent coffee from Honduras differs from other varieties not only with giant grains, but also with a noble complex taste.

In the foreground, when tasting, velvety wine gustatory notes appear. Light acidity, pleasant bitterness and a long aftertaste are revealed as an exquisite taste background.



Coffee India in Fry Coffee in Odessa


The taste of coffee India is dense, complex, multilayered. The main tone is bitter black chocolate, then notes of dried fruits, citrus, honey and wine are successively revealed. The long aftertaste is crowned with light sourness. In the aroma you can catch notes of Indian spices and fruits.

This coffee can be drunk at any time of the day, it is perfectly opened with any method of preparation.



Coffee Salvador in Fry coffee in Odessa


The taste of this variety is slightly sweet with pronounced notes of citrus fruits, dried fruits and berries. In the aftertaste there is a light sourness of ripe rowan, an aftertaste of almonds and a noble chocolate bitterness. The fragrance can be described as floral-fruity with notes of cocoa beans.



Robusta in Fry coffee in Odessa

The name of the plant is Coffee Tree of Robusta (Coffea Canephora). It was discovered in the basin of the Congo River (Congo, Africa).

Robusta - the second most popular type of coffee in the world - is characterized by a high content of caffeine in grains.

The fruits of Robusta contain: 8% of aromatic oils, 3% of caffeine. In the production of Robusta is used mainly in mixtures, where it is a very valuable component - due to its high strength it is used in various mixtures, as well as for the production of instant coffee. During processing, Robusta's overly sharp taste softens somewhat. In Italy, it is added in a mixture for espresso that would get a more stable and dense foam.


Robusta Vietnam in Fry coffee in Odessa


This variety, due to special conditions of growth (climate, soil, precipitation), has an unusual softness for the robusta and a complex harmonious taste. When brewing, a rich infusion with a tart bitter taste and a bright fruity-caramel flavor is obtained.



Robusta India in Fry coffee in Odessa


It has a bright, thick taste with pleasant bitterness of quality robusta. Aroma proof wine-chocolate. This monosort is characterized by a high content of caffeine.



Robusta Uganda in Fry coffee in Odessa


The advantages of this type of coffee are quite high extractiveness and strength. The taste is a bright chocolate, without foreign shades and bites.

The aroma is rather weak, unobtrusive. A great ingredient in espresso mixtures with arabica. When brewing in the composition of blends provides a strong and invigorating, tonic effect, light bitterness and resistant foam.



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Branded blends «Fry coffee in Odessa»

Branded blends «Fry coffee in Odessa»


100% Arabica

This is a meeting of three varieties of Arabica from southern Asia and Latin America. Coffee combined the taste of three cultures and eras. The drink has a mild creamy taste, accentuated by a fruity sweet aftertaste.


20% robusta and 80% arabica

Well-balanced coffee from Arabica varieties from South America and Robusta from South Asia. Has a mild taste and light bitter taste. Chocolate and caramel shades give a feeling of vivacity and individuality.


80% robusta and 20% arabica

A mixture of Arabica and Robusta varieties from Africa and southern Asia embodied strong, rich, morning coffee. It has a moderate bitterness, a density and a very delicate fruity aftertaste.

Monte Lego

100% Arabica

The combination of two Arabica from southern and central America will give you an exquisite sweet chocolate taste with light, gentle citrus notes.

Don Vigo

60% robusta and 40% arabica

Light arabica from South America and robust robusta from southern Asia make it possible to feel the balance of bitterness and acidity, sweetness and softness. Light notes of spices and cocoa give the coffee a memorable taste.


30% robusta and 70% arabica

Mixing the flavors of coffee in Latin America and Asia, will present the strongest, most rich nut-caramel notes from the very first sip, and the spicy aftertaste will not leave you indifferent.


How to Fry coffee in Odessa

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Menu "Fry coffee in Odessa"

Menu "Fry coffee in Odessa"

TM "FRY COFFEE" offers its visitors also to try, the right, freshly roasted coffee, in order to dispel all doubts about the quality of products "Fry coffee in Odessa".

Coffee from the "Roasting" will give you a charge of cheerfulness and a great mood for the whole day!

  • Espresso (30 ml) - 18 UAH.
  • Espresso with milk (80 ml) - 22 UAH.
  • Americano (90 ml) - 20 UAH.
  • Americano with milk (120 ml) - 24 UAH.
  • Cappuccino (250/400 ml) - 26/36UAH.
  • Latte (300/400 ml) - 28/40 UAH.
  • Cocoa (175 ml) - 25 UAH.
  • Tea in the range (200 ml) - 25 UAH.

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Roasting No. 1
Ukraine, Odessa, st. Panteleimonovskaya 64
Roasting No. 2
Ukraine, Odessa, Prospekt Glushko, 14 \ 4
Roasting No. 3
Ukraine, Odessa, Fontanskaya road, 16 \ 11

+38 (067) 489-25-75

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From 8:00 to 20:00 (without days off)

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