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Festival in Odessa "Odessa Beer Festival"

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Probably, many of you have heard of the Oktoberfest beer festival “loud” for the whole world, which takes place annually in Munich (Germany) and attracts the attention of not only residents from nearby countries, but also tourists from all over the world!

Finally, you can get to the beer festival in Odessa!

Odessa Beer Festival is an incredible venue that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the world of beer!

At the beer festival you will have to wait for just an incredible amount of craft beer, a sea of ​​delicious food, and of course fun entertainment programs that won't let you get bored.

ODESSACARD tourist card simply could not pass by such an incredible event as a truly Odessa beer festival!

Now, in addition to the brightest sights and entertainment in Odessa, you can absolutely free to get to the Odessa Beer Festival, during the tourist card, which will allow you to get even more emotions and impressions, more choices and even more savings! After all, the price of a tourist card does not change, and the possibilities only expand!

Starting this year, the Odessa Beer Festival is held in huge and comfortable rooms, which reduces to zero the effect of adverse weather conditions and gives hope for more frequent events of the Odessa Beer Festival!

This event will be interesting not only for tourists, but also for residents of Odessa, connoisseurs of beautiful foamy and wonderful mood!

Come yourself, with your wife, with friends and enjoy the atmosphere and a huge assortment of the freshest beer!

With the ODESSACARD tourist card during its operation, you are absolutely free to go to the beer festival in Odessa!

You can learn more about the festival and the purchase of VIP tickets, which include the branded glass of Odessa Beer Festival, from our ticket partner UKRTICKET

Oktoberfest in Odessa!

Contacts of the Festival

Address: Ukraine, Odessa, st. Panteleimonovskaya 110 "FRESH MARKET" (New market)

Telephone: +38 (048) 78-81-516

Official site:

Festival time

The festival will be held from 27.10.2018 to 28.10.2018

We are waiting for you from 12:00 to 00:00!

Ticket price

Entrance to the festival for one day - 100 UAH per person

Entrance to the festival for one day + branded glass of Odessa Beer Festival - 200 UAH.

You can buy tickets here.

During the validity of the tourist card ODESSACARD - free visit for one day!

Visiting with a tourist card does not include a branded glass of a beer festival.

At the beer festival with ODESSACARD!