Masterpieces of Odessa cooking

Tasting of masterpieces of Odessa cooking in the restaurant "Sonkina Malina"

To visit Odessa and not taste the famous Odessa culinary masterpieces? You will swear at yourself for the rest of your life! Feet in arms and run to "Sonkina Malina"!

For ODESSACARD customers, our chefs are already preparing what stopped emigration from Odessa!

A masterpiece of Odessa cooking:

  • Hummus with matzoi
  • Forshmak on toast
  • Neck
  • Gefelte Fish (Stuffed fish)
  • Latkes from the sardelle
  • Cymes mit beans
  • Caviar from the eggplant
  • Compote 0.25
  • Tinctures 2 * 0.03 (horseradish, garlic)

Masterpieces of Odessa cooking from Sonkina Malina with ODESSACARD

All this splendor, seasoned with this Odessa color, is available to you completely free of charge daily from 10:00 to 18:00 (during the validity period of the card)!

And do not forget to read (below) for our restaurant-museum, where you and ODESSACARD can always receive an additional 15% discount on all the menus!

Restaurant-museum "Sonkina Malina"

Masterpieces of Odessa culinary from the restaurant-museum Sonkina Malina

"All the smuggling is done in Odessa on the Little Arnautskaya" said Ostap Bender, who is also Osik Shor, who lived three blocks from us. And the whole bosota (small criminal society, pickpockets, beggar children, etc.) was going to Malaya Arnautskaya, 109. That's what history says.



Masterpieces of Odessa cooking from the underground restaurant Sonkin MalainaAfter the trading house of the "Sweet Kings" brothers Krakhmalnikovs, there has always been a shelter of Odessa gentlemen of luck: sharper, pickpockets, bandits, and all sorts of petty shushera (crappy, insignificant people). Here, the affairs of "dark" were decided: gatherings, sharing, and why? Surround and enter the house was impossible, under the shaman of the catacomb, over the shalman brothel - run wherever you want, but everything else was dangerous here. Sophia Blumshtein (the famous Golden Hand) hid here and there a couple of rooms in the building, and went out through the shalman.


The restaurant-museum "Sonkina Malina" keeps the spirit of those times. Three halls "Malina", "Odessa courtyard" and "Communal apartment" will dip you in Odessa in the first half of the 20th century. The exposition "The Wall of Pride and Weeping of Odessa History" will acquaint you with the most famous personalities of the city. The assortment of food corresponds to that time and will not leave you indifferent to the dishes! Some elements of decor have not changed since the pre-war times, so come and get the buzz from the energy of reckless arbitrariness. Taste the meal, drink those tinctures and, along with the opera house and a ladder, you will have something to remember!

Masterpieces of Odessa cooking only in "Sonkina Malina"


Contacts of the restaurant "Sonkina Malina"

Address: Ukraine, Odessa, st. Small Arnautskaya, 109

Phone: +38 (048) 722-18-48

Official site:

Operating mode

10:00 to 23:00

Cost of the dish "The Masterpiece of Odessa Cooking"

"The masterpiece of Odessa cooking" - 199 UAH.

Owners of ODESSACARD are provided a free dish during the validity period of the card daily from 10:00 to 18:00.

Owners of ODESSACARD receive a multiple 15% discount for all restaurant menus.

Masterpieces of Odessa Cooking with ODESSACARD