Card of the guest of Odessa

In Odessa the new type of tourist service successfully functions

Many of us were in a situation when traveling on the car or having just come to rest to the new unfamiliar city, we try to see for a short time all the most interesting and well-known, well and, of course, to derive pleasure from local cuisine, it is good to have a rest in cozy hotel or fashionable hostel and just to have a good time that was what to remember and tell relatives. To competently plan the travel and at the same time it is good to save the so-called CityCard operating in many tourist centers of the world – the card of the guest (tourist). Since 2016 tourist Odessa has a similar card also. The ODESSACARD project is implemented by the Ukrsitikard company together with the Odessa city council within the Program of development of tourism in Odessa for 2016-2020, with assistance of the Odessa regional public administration and the Odessa regional council.

With the card of the guest across all Odessa!

What is the card of the guest of Odessa?

The card of the guest of ODESSACARD is a unique tourist product which represents the uniform electronic card for guests and inhabitants of the region and is an analog of the tourist programs which are successfully working in New York, Rome, Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Prague and many other tourist centers of the world.

It is the so-called smart card allowing residents of Odessa and to tourists to visit sights, without buying separate tickets. It is rather convenient in use, and also saves time for visit of tourist objects and movement on the city. At the moment to purchase 2 types of cards on one and two persons, with validity period as the monthly card within 24, 48 or 72 hours after activation are available.

For our country - it is the new unique tourist service using innovative technologies and possibilities of the modern software. There is no similar service yet in one of the cities of Ukraine including in the capital. It is pleasant to inhabitants of Odessa to realize that their hometown thus the first introduced similar experience of the developed countries in tourist branch.

The guest card, the so-called City Pass, works successfully in the best tourist cities in the world: Amsterdam, New York, London, Paris, Rome, etc.

The card of the guest – what is included?

Today the card of the guest has in the program more than 80 offers most of which fully give an idea of history, culture and a tourist palette of Odessa.

From them visit of 20 attractions and establishments for the owner of the card does not demand payment during its action. By the rules accepted around the world such objects are designated in the program as "FREE with ODESSACARD". All municipal and municipal museums of Odessa (10 museums), the museum of cognac of N. Shustov, an excursion on the historic center of Odessa and in the Moldavian's catacombs, the Odessa zoo, the Dolphinarium "Nemo", Biopark, sea walks, and also tasting of masterpieces of the Odessa kitchen treat them. It is possible to choose one of three versions of the card of the guest of Odessa (the 24th, the 48 hour or 3-day) and to plan visit of the most interesting (or all) objects depending on interests and at convenient speed.

The list of ODESSACARD partners with free entrance includes more than 10 museums, a biopark, a zoo, a dolphinarium, excursions on an electric car, sea walks, an excursion to the catacombs.

Certainly, guests of Odessa will be impressed with the historic center of the Southern Palmyra, having seen Primorsky Boulevard and Deribasovskaya, opera theater and the Potemkinsky ladder well-known for the whole world with recently opened Istanbul park, the Cathedral, Ekaterina's, Duma and Theatrical areas, unique Pale Grand piano, the Passage, the Gardens and the Colonnade, palaces of counts Vorontsov and Tolstoy, monuments to Duc de Richelieu, Pushkin, Utesov, the Anchor and even to the 12th chair and many other things. At the same time they will not be tired at all, moving on the electric vehicle accompanied by the professional guide.

The forever young and blossoming Odessa, not for nothing is called "God's smile", in that case the card of the guest - a key from the city.

It is possible to add the knowledge of history of Odessa having examined an exposition of the local history museum, the museum "Steppe Ukraine" and the Museum memorial of heroic defense of Odessa, and also Akkermansky fortress. And how not to visit the well-known Odessa catacombs, to learn their riddles and secrets, having attended an excursion in the Moldavian's catacombs with visit of the museum "Mysteries of Underground Odessa"! Or not to see with own eyes the brilliant works of arts submitted in the Art museum, the museums of the Western and East art and private collections of Bleshchunov. It is possible to learn history and uniqueness of literary life of Odessa in the Literary museum and its branches – Pushkin Museum and K. G. Paustovsky.

All expositions of Odessa, on the earth, water, underground become available with the card of the guest!

To kids and for certain and the adult, will present many pleasant moments of a show of dolphins and seals in the Dolphinarium is "Nemo", studying of richness of fauna in the Odessa zoo and Bioparke opened in 2016.

With the card of the guest you will be able to get free of charge to the biopark, a zoo and a dolphinarium, but in addition you have an opportunity to receive 50% a discount in aquapark, 10% a discount for the ticket in the museum of Interesting Science which is so interesting to children.

Well and, of course, as in the sea city not to make sea walk by comfortable Valencia motor ship or a catamaran "Hadzhiby" and not to try the Odessa dishes at picturesque Odessa restaurant museum "Sonkina Malina", which as there claim, stopped immigration from Odessa... By the way, if to be late in "Sonkiny Malina" longer, then you can almost really it is indicative to rob and inflate, and then to amuse and will surely sing!

The card of the guest of Odessa gives to ODESSACARD the chance to try absolutely free of charge the Odessa kitchen at Sonkina Malina restaurant, and also to get on sea walk by Halzhibey or Valencia motor ship.

Generally, impressions with the ODESSACARD card will last for a long time, and not only to city visitors, but also inhabitants of Odessa to whom they arrived. Especially as with the card of the guest you can also well save, having received discounts at restaurants, cafe, bars and entertaining institutions, in Odessa aquapark, on the best excursion Odessa tours, including on opera theater, Bessarabia and Black Sea Coast, tasting and collection cognacs in Shustov's museum, on souvenirs, books, beach services, quest room, and many other things. And if remarkable attractions of aquapark of Odessa can be visited with the ODESSACARD card, having received 50% a discount disposable, then all other discount offers can use repeatedly within a year. And their more than fifty. Including, and about twenty offers on accommodation at a discount in hotels and hostels of Odessa, Gribovki, Karolino-Bugaz, Zatoki and Koblevo that does the card of the guest even more attractive when planning rest in Odessa if not this year, so in the following.

The card of the guest of ODESSACARD offers interesting and economical rest!

How the ODESSACARD card works?

Acquiring the card of the guest it is necessary to know that realization of a possibility of visit of the sights with a free admission marked as "FREE with ODESSACARD", and also Odessa aquapark begins not right after purchase, and from the moment of the first electronic scanning of the card on any of these objects. The card can be activated within 12 months from the moment of purchase, having bought any of ODESSACARD options, it is possible to plan its use within a year at any convenient time.

For obtaining the right for visit of institutions of partners, it is necessary to show the card of the guest of ODESSACARD to the responsible on an object (the cashier or the controller) for its account the special reader.

Discount it is possible to take advantage of offers right after acquisition of the card and to use further repeatedly (except Aquapark) as to, in time, and after the termination of card expiration date of the tourist as the admission on objects of FREE with ODESSACARD.

To each ODESSACARD card the detailed guide with the schematic map of Odessa which will help to plan the travel is provided and to be guided freely in the city.

To whom will the card of the guest of ODESSACARD be useful?

Of course, the card of the guest of ODESSACARD will be useful first of all to the tourists who visited Odessa both for the purpose of rest and in respect of business tourism. She will allow its owner to plan the trip and rest, to make stay in Odessa various and interesting, having kept time and money.

Certainly, the card of the guest will be useful also to the inhabitants of Odessa receiving numerous guests and relatives as in the summer, and during the whole year. Having presented them ODESSACARD, it is possible not to worry that because of daily employment there is no time to show them our favourite Odessa mother. And in the evening to learn about their impressions, having had supper with a pleasant discount in one of the partner institutions ODESSACARD.

Undoubtedly, the card will please also inhabitants of Odessa who are simply in love with the city are ready to learn it more and more and more deeply, love various cultural and active recreation. Let's wonder, for example: whether long ago we were in our museums whether we know history of a set of architectural masterpieces of Odessa and people them created and in them creating?

How much for card of the guest of ODESSACARD?

The prices of cards of the guest of ODESSACARD depend on its type and validity period and at the time of a release of article start from 599 UAH for 24-hour option to 899 UAH for 3-day option. While the overall cost of visit of all offers included in the card and which are not demanding additional payment makes 2 070 UAH today. Certainly, in peak of a resort season of the price can grow, but as the operator company assures, quite slightly as anyway the card of the guest of ODESSACARD will remain very favorable offer.

Let's sum up the result: in only one-three days the card holder can not only return himself the overall cost of the card of the guest, but also save several times more than this sum. At the same time it will continue to save and use all discounts which are provided by partners of ODESSACARD on an extent of year after the termination of its validity period.

24 hours on one person

The card of the tourist of ODESSACARD 24 on one person

599 UAH

24 hours on two persons

The card of the tourist of ODESSACARD 24 hours on two persons

1199 UAH

48 hours on one person

The card of the tourist of ODESSACARD of 48 hours on one person

799 UAH

48 hours on two persons

The card of the tourist of ODESSACARD of 48 hours on two persons

1599 UAH

3 days on one person

The card of the tourist of ODESSACARD 3 days on one person

899 UAH

3 days on two persons

The card of the tourist of ODESSACARD 3 days on two persons

1799 UAH

Where to buy the card of the guest of ODESSACARD?

The ODESSACARD card it is possible to get online, having paid with the cash card, with the subsequent exchange of the electronic voucher with a code directly on the electronic card and the guide in one of points of exchange. Also it is possible to acquire the card of the guest of Odessa of ODESSACARD in one of points of sale: in points of Tourist Information Centre, in all theatrical cash desks of UKRTICKET and sales outlets of excursion tickets of ECAR (a tour on electric vehicles), Odessa Book shop, and also at offices of tourist agencies "Plaske Trave" l, "OdEN tour", "Vilkovo-Tur" and "Arkadi Travel", including in many hotels in Odessa.

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