What is it?


ODESSACARD (Further OD CARD) is a uniform electronic card for tourists which provides free pass to the museums of Odessa, visit of excursions (a sightseeing tour on the electric vehicle, sea walks, etc.) – free of charge or at a discount, use of discount in a number of hotels, cafe and restaurants of the city.

What advantages OD CARD gives?

The card is designed for the active tourist wishing to visit as much as possible sights and excursions. It provides economy of expenses from 60% and gives a number of additional bonuses, including discounts during the booking of hotels, visit of restaurants and cafe; The guide where descriptions of the museums and excursions, the recommended transport routes and other useful information enter is attached To the card of the tourist.

What types of OD CARD happen and what cost of each look?

We offer 3 look depending on validity period.

The card for 24 hours - 599 399 UAH.

The card for 48 hours - 799 549 UAH.

The card for 72 hours - 949 699 UAH.

Also cards affect 2 persons

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Since what moment period of validity of OD CARD is counted?

The card of the tourist begins to operate from the moment of activation, i.e. from the moment of the first visit of the museum or an excursion.

How many times I can visit the museums and excursions on OD CARD?

Visit of the museums and excursions with the card of the tourist is single.

Throughout what time discounts work with OD CARD?

While you can use the right of free pass to the museums and for excursions only during the card expiration date of the tourist, a discount for hotels, restaurants, the cafe and other options within the discount program work within 365 days from the moment of acquisition.

Whether it is necessary to reserve previously excursions which I plan to visit?

In most cases (a sightseeing tour on the electric vehicle, sea walks, etc.) booking is not carried out and in it there is no need - since tours are conducted regularly according to the schedule.
Information on the schedule is provided in the guide of the card of the tourist. However, partners of the program reserve the right to make expeditious changes to the schedule, including because of change of weather conditions therefore we recommend to call to organizers in addition by the specified telephones.

How many people can go to the museum on OD CARD?

The card of the tourist is not nominal, but it is intended only for 1 and 2 people. The right of visit of the museums and excursions is single.

How many the museums it is possible to visit in 1 day on OD CARD?

The number of the museums and excursions which you can visit is not limited - both within one day, and within the entire period of operation of the card of the tourist.

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