Card of the Tourist – rules of use


Card of the Tourist "ODESSACARD" (further - "The Tourist's Card") - the uniform electronic card for tourists with continuous validity period in hours:

- 24 (twenty four) hours - 1 (one) day;

- 48 (forty eight) hours - 2 (two) days;

- 72 (seventy two) hours - 3 (three) days.

The tourist ODESSACARD service (further - "Tourist service") - a complex (The Tourist's card, the guide) and services (visit of institutions of the Partners, technical support of work of the Card of the Tourist) provided by the Operator.

Partners of the tourist ODESSACARD service (further - "Partners") - the museums, theaters, excursion bureaus, hotels, restaurants, cafe, etc., services and which discounts it is possible to use by means of the Tourist's Card.

The operator of the tourist ODESSACARD service (further - "Operator") - the developer of the Program (LLC UKRSITIKARD).

The guide of the tourist ODESSACARD service (further - "Guide") - the booklet in a printing format with information on Partners and other useful information for the tourist.

The website of the tourist ODESSACARD service (further - "Website") -

Card of the Tourist - Economically, Interestingly, Qualitatively

Card of the Tourist - terms of use

- The card of the Tourist can be activated within 12 (twelve) months from the moment of purchase.

- Beginning of activation of the Card of the Tourist the moment of electronic scanning or manual data input from the Tourist's Card at the first visit of institutions of Partners is considered.

- The card of the Tourist grants the right of single visit (free of charge or at a discount) institutions of Partners; the right of receiving discounts at Partners, according to the specified list in the Guide and on the Website.

- Institutions of Partners can be visited by means of the Tourist's Card during the term of its action;

- Discounts and special offers are valid also after the termination of period of validity of the Card of the Tourist (according to conditions of contracts between the Operator and Partners);

- For obtaining the right for visit of institutions of Partners, it is necessary to show the Tourist's Card to the responsible Partnyora for its account the special reader or for entering of data of the Card of the Tourist into the special program.

- The card of the Tourist is intended only for individual use. It is not subject to transfer to other persons after its activation and/or to exchange for cash.

- The damaged, lost or stolen Cards of the Tourist cannot be restored.

- At use violation of the rules the Card of the Tourist will be blocked.

Duties and responsibility of the Operator

- The operator regularly staticizes information on the Website and provides information accuracy in the Guide at the time of its exit in the press. However, the operating mode of institutions of Partners and other conditions can change in this connection users of the Card of the Tourist are recommended to learn the current schedule directly at Partners.

- The structure of the Card of the Tourist included the Partners coming to the forefront in the relevant branch. Cooperation of the Operator with Partners is carried out on a contractual basis. If any of Partners does not render service properly in defiance of the obligations, the Operator does not bear responsibility for it. At the same time the Operator undertakes all possible measures for ensuring high-quality service within use of the Card of the Tourist and an exception of similar situations.

- The operator does not provide compensation for services within use of the Card of the Tourist which their owner did not use during period of validity of the Card of the Tourist, and also for services which were not rendered for the force majeur and technical reasons which arose from Partners. The operator notifies owners of the Card of the Tourist on similar situations by the publication of news on the Website in the shortest terms.

- The offer of the Card of the Tourist does not include temporary exhibitions and is not summarized with other discounts at Partners. It also does not include visit of separate special events, information on which is recommended to be specified directly at Partners.

Card of the Tourist - return conditions

The owner Cards of the Tourist has the right to return it to the Operator within 14 (fourteen) days from the moment of purchase provided that this Card of the Tourist was not used there was trade look (the enclosed Guide), and also in the presence of the settlement document, in case of its delivery together with the sold Card of the Tourist is kept. At the same time 10% (ten percent) of cost Card of the Tourist as expenses on compensation of costs of agency services in sale this Kartochki Turista are raised from the card holder of the tourist.

The money which is subject to return is transferred on the cash card of its owner by means of which its purchase was carried out. In case of purchase of the Card of the Tourist for cash means, return it is also carried out in the cash way.

On all questions of return of Cards of the Tourist it is necessary to address directly to office of the Operator.

Card of the Tourist - cost and points of sale

The Card of the Tourist by uniform price in all points of sale. The operator does not guarantee existence of all types of Cards of the Tourist in all points of sale. It is recommended to specify this information directly in the interesting point.

Personal data

Providing to the Operator the personal data at execution of the order on the website, the Client gives the voluntary consent to processing and use of these data according to the Law of Ukraine of 01.06.2010 to No. 2297-VI "About protection of personal data". The purposes of processing and use include implementation of the automated analysis of personal data for carrying out a market research. According to item 11 of Art. 8 of the law of Ukraine of 01.06.2010 No. 2297-VI "About protection of personal data", the real consent can be withdrawn at the request of the client and under advice support service of the Operator.

Protection of copyright

All rights for the text materials published on the Website and in the Guide belong to the Operator. Copying and use of any part of these materials is possible only in the written consent of the Operator.

Getting and using the Tourist's Card, you agree with these rules and conditions.

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