Quest in reality from the “Occulto quest”

Quest in reality

Quest in reality in Odessa from the "Occulto quest"

Quest in reality is an intellectual entertainment for any company.

Each quest in reality is unique and does not look like the other. The complexity is different, but the quests in reality are thought out in such a way that you do not have to feel like "unknown."

The meaning of the quest in reality lies in the game, which in the course of the allotted time throws you new puzzles and puzzles.

Quest in reality is always a unique and atmospheric event. The feeling of transferring to another world is guaranteed!

Quests in reality will allow you to completely escape from everyday worries, problems and moral reboot. Quests perfectly develop communication with other people, develop logical and intuitive thinking, and also give a charge of positive emotions for a long time.

With a child, friends, loved ones, co-workers or relatives - a quest in reality is a great idea for recreation and entertainment!

After all, the pleasant memories and emotions received in the company of close people are priceless.

Quest in reality from the "Occulto quest"

Entertainment - the quest in reality - hide and seek. Odessa. City center

"Hide and Seek in the Dark" - the first antikvest in Odessa.

Reusable game from 2-15 people.

At your disposal is not just a labyrinth, but thematic zones with multi-level traps, effects, sounds and actors to choose from.

Waiting for you: the Buddha temple, wild jungle, children's room, library, crowded city, industrial zone and even someone's bedroom.

Choose your scenario:

"Hide and Seek", "Hunters and Shadows", "Robbery", "Mafia", "Sardinka" and a game for two lovers "Marco Polo".

Quest in reality - Pirates. Cathedral Square 4, Odessa

Black sails

Yo-ho-ho! Exciting adventures for friends and family in one of the best quests in the reality of Odessa.

More than 150 meters of entourage locations! Unforgettable experiences will draw you closer and remember for a long time.

Faster, in search of Mayan treasures!


Extras awaits you

Lounge room in the style of a pirate cabin for company rest, birthday celebrations, corporate events, conferences.

An unusual pirate interior: a pendant table for 12 people, a soft relax zone, a widescreen screen with a projector, karaoke, Sony PlayStation, a hookah for vibor and a restaurant menu from IT Cafe.

Contact quests in reality from the Occulto quest

Address: Ukraine, Odessa, Sobornaya square, 4

+38 (063) 63-63-564
+38 (048) 704-85-84

Official site:

Operating mode

10:00 to 22:00

Seven days a week

Before the game you need to register by phone or through the site.


Hide and Seek in the Dark - 800 UAH per team up to 4 players
Each subsequent player +50 UAH
Minimum 2 people maximum 15

Black sails - 800 UAH per team up to 4 players
Each subsequent player +150 UAH
Minimum 2 people maximum 6

Quest in reality from the "Occulto quest" with ODESSACARD -15%!