Relax on Yacht in Odessa

Sailing Adventures and relax yacht catamaran "CONTENTO"

Relax on Yacht in Odessa. We leave into the Black Sea

We invite you to take part in relax yacht on the catamaran "Contento" along the coast of the Odessa Gulf. We organize group and individual yacht tours starting from Yacht Club “Otrada” to Vorontsovsky Lighthouse and up to Arcadia Area to Cape “Big Fountain”. On board of our English manufactured catamaran, you will be treated with cool drinks, local fruits, delicious cocktails and all this listening sea waves, sail rustling or relax pleasant music.

While relaxing on a yacht we give you the opportunity to sunbathe, dance, jump and have a good rest at the most comfortable and safe yacht in Odessa. We organize swimming, jumping and diving from the yacht for 1000 meters from the shore in the clean and "only your" Black Sea. We are swimming to the dolphins. We eat cooked Odessa seafood directly on board. We taste Odessa “craft drinks” from local craftsmen. And for special gourmets we spend exquisite sailing evenings with oysters and Prosecco under the lounge and relax music for sensation and contemplation of the most beautiful Odessa and you inside this hospitable Odessa.

If you are a lover of fishing or you want to taste local sea delicacies. We are ready to arrange fishing with cooking "Odessa lunch". We can catch the Odessa’s classical “bighead goby fish”, horse mackerel, and sargan. Collect rapans and mussels for salad or pilau. Still there is a Odessa’s Flounder in sea, but it is easier to catch it on Privoz market, but we will cook it in our yacht kitchen, and you will not forget it ever.

You will not feel seasick, because we are a wide catamaran. We are equipped with all possible safety suff on the water. Our captains are experienced yachtsmen who have passed many seas and have been in dangerous storms, so it's very safe sailing with them. We have a spacious deck and 8 beds. We have a fresh shower after a salty sea. All for relax on yacht!

You can fall asleep on a yacht after a grueling day of relaxation, and meet the sunrise under sail and a cup of coffee. Taste of this cup of coffee and this dawn you will remember the whole year and talk about Odessa as a "new Ukraine", where you want to come again.

Do you want to dive into an underwater museum or on shipwrecks of the Second World War period? We have a team member who is a diving instructor and we have all equipment for diving! Do you want to be a yacht captain? We will Show, Teach and Explain anything in yachting skills!

Sea walks on a private yacht in Odessa with a tourist card ODCARDAnd most importantly, we want this service will have a reasonable price. We made a market investigation and offer the most reasonable price and even lower than the boats of our class. We want every guest of our city to become our friend and just like we realized that Odessa is not a narrow strip of houses and streets along the sea on the map, but Odessa is a real "round" city on the map, but a second half of Odessa city could be shown only for chosen friends of our Yacht. Be Chosen! Come to our yacht and you will see the "second half" of Odessa. See you on the catamaran "CONTENTO"!

Contact relax on yacht «CONTENTO»

Address: Black Sea Cruising Yacht Club on the beach "Otrada"

+38 (093) 000-10-94
+38 (094) 948-02-94
+38 (048) 787-72-94

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Daily walks (order by phone)


Daily group Yachting Walks:
Two hours: 560 UAH.
Three hours: 840 UAH.

Relax on Yacht:

Boat trip: 280 UAH. \ hour

Rent of the whole yacht: 2 800 UAH. \ hour

Children under 5 years - free.
Children under 12 years - 30% discount

With a tourist card ODESSACARD you receive a permanent discount of -20% of the cost of a boat trip and relax on yacht!

With ODESSACARD -20% for a sea voyage and relax on yacht "CONTENTO"