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Celebrate the year 2019 in Odessa!

Dear friends!

Celebrating the year 2019 in Odessa with ODESSACARD

I would like, as they say - taking this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

A new year is always a new plans, desires, dreams and twists of fate.

But first of all these holidays are as welcome as weekends. Like a "sip" of freedom!

Each of us deserves rest and a little oblivion from urgent matters.

For this tourist card ODESSACARD proposes to celebrate the year 2019 in Odessa!

We have prepared for you a lot of gifts, and Odessa itself is always happy to receive guests and tourists!

By choosing to celebrate the year 2019 in Odessa with ODESSACARD, you get extensive opportunities for small finances.

Celebrate the year 2019 in Odessa!

ODESSACARD has prepared for you:

Discounts on all types of tourist cards -15% until January 13!

Facebook contest - where we play a tourist card for 3 days, 2 tickets to the catacombs of the Moldavian Mystery of Underground Odessa and 2 tickets for a tour of the historic part of Odessa on electric cars!

Additional opportunities for all ODESSACARD clients - free attendance of any repertoire performance of the Odessa Academic Russian Drama Theater!

Read more about the special offer here.

Подробнее о специальном предложении Вы можете прочесть тут.

Unforgettable holiday weekend!

Holiday weekend in Odessa

Original gift for the new year

Original gift for the new year

New Year’s holidays

New Year's holidays in Odessa

On the eve of the New Year holidays, the whole world and the mood of people undoubtedly change in a positive direction, and already without that eternally positive Odessa citizens overcrowded the feeling of happiness and celebration.

After all, how not to rejoice, if everything around reminds of New Year's magic, the feeling of the holiday is as if saturated with a pleasant coniferous and citrus smell.

Favorite Odessa is decorated and prepared for New Year's holidays. The city begins to resemble a woman preparing for a ball; earrings - hung garlands all over the place, the christmas tree is a handbag in gentle hands Pearls by the sea - the Duma square, a fur coat - a snow cover that emphasizes beauty of the winter southern Palmyra.

To see Odessa on New Year's holidays is an inexpressible sensation of spectacular beauty and brightness of emotions.

New Year's holidays with ODESSACARD

In these universally accepted days off of New Year holidays you always want something magical, fabulous Charge positive and memorable emotions forward for a whole year.

Why not spend these New Year's holidays not only memorable, but also useful!

With the ODESSACARD tourist card you can arrange a holiday voyage for the most beautiful places of our city, see what even native Odessites do not know, and most importantly do it all with HUGE savings!

Give yourself and your loved ones a really nice gift - spend New Year's holidays not as always!