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Birthday of Odessa in Poland with a tourist card

Wroclaw with a tourist card congratulated Odessa

Tourist card of Odessa in Poland

There is no former Odessite!

Odessa is so beloved by everyone that even those who have not been here for a long time do not forget about his birthday.

In honor of Ukraine, in Poland, Wroclaw, in the framework of the Odcienie Ukrainy Festival with the support of Fundacja Ukraina, Odessa Tourism Association, ODESSACARD and the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Odessa City Council, a celebration in honor of Ukraine was held with entertaining events, competitions, a master class and cake in the form of Ukraine!

Do not forget about Odessa-Mama! After September 2 she had a birthday party!

At one of the competitions, the ODESSACARD tourist card was played, we congratulate the winner and we are more likely to visit our native Odessa!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mikhail Mikityuk and his team, which represented Odessa and ODESSACARD, for a wonderful celebration and competitions!

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The results of the competition ODESSA – MOM celebrates the birthday!

Competition ODESSA - MOM celebrates the birthday!

ODESSACARDCompetition ODESSA - MOM Winners of the contest from OdessaCard together with their partners held a contest of congratulations for his beloved city.

ODESSACARD – A tourist card that saves your finances!

Aquapark Odessa – The biggest water park in Ukraine!

Excursion to the catacombs – Leader in attendance among tourists in Odessa in 2017году!

City Tours – The best excursions on electric cars with cheerful guides and fast cars!

Unanimous decision of all employees ODESSACARD a strong-willed decision was made to award awards to the contestants in this order:

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Day of the city

Day of the city. Odessa is 223 years old!

Day of the city. Odessa in 223 in 2017.

Day of the city at all times was for Odessa citizens and visitors of the city, really a great and interesting event.

Concerts, festivals, competitions and other events simply fill Odessa from all sides, from the central streets: Deribasovskaya, Potemkinskaya stairs, Odessa parks, to small streets and institutions, including simple coffee houses. After all, City Day is really a big and happy holiday.



"Odessa and the guests of the city are waiting for festivals ("Red City", arts and crafts, "Odessa Light Fest"), concerts in City garden and parks of the city, projects in museums, gala concert on the Potemkin Stairs and much more"

- The press service of the Odessa City Hall reports.

Holiday events in Odessa to the City Day this year will last until September 3.

Further the plan of events for City Day:

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Birthday of the city!

Birthday of the city! Odessa - mother is 223 years old!

Birthday of the city! Odessa - mother is 223 years old!
September 2 The birthday of the city! Forever young "Pearl of the Sea" - Odessa - Mama, celebrates its 223th anniversary.

And as we all know, on the day of birth it is customary to give gifts! What does Odessa need?

We believe - Attention and love never happen much!

It is for this reason that ODESSACARD together with its partners conducts the "Birthday of the city!" contest:

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Results of the draw from the tourist card ODESSACARD

Birthday of the tourist card ODESSACARD - Results of the draw from the tourist card!

Results of the draw from the tourist card ODESSACARD

Dear friends!

First of all, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart for your kind congratulations and wishes, separately for advertising poems and all your comments, it was a surprise for us, to receive them in such quantity!

The whole ODESSACARD team took part in the selection of the winner and after an hour's gentlemen's dispute it was decided to divide the participants into two groups, as there were wonderful sincere congratulations in poetic form and no less warm words in prose. And it turned out that the prizes became much more!

Let's start!

Results of the draw from the tourist card ODESSACARD according to the friendly decision of the team ODESSACARD:

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Birthday card tourist!

We celebrate 1 year!

Birthday card tourist Odessa!

August 19, 2016 An ODESSACARD tourist card was officially presented!

This month we turn 1 year old!
 😀 Birthday card touris 😀

And we already have 3,000 readers on facebook!

We thank everyone who has been with us throughout this year, believed in us, supported and used ODESSACARD!

We work, that you would rest and get maximum positive emotions!

In connection with such significant events, ODESSACARD conducts a FLASH on Facebook!

Birthday with us, gifts to you!

Join and win!

ODESSACARD - we know how to surprise you!

 ➡ In honor of the holiday, everyone who orders any ODESSACARD tourist card on our site (online) and will pick it up at the issuance point, UKRTICKET office, gets a ticket for a walk along the Odessa embankment on an electric car (Arcadia - Langeron)!