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Autumn holidays with ODESSACARD!

A whole week of discounts on the tourist card!

Autumn Holidays with ODESSACARD - Promotion

Especially for all who stop waking up at 7 am!

For those who have planned a vacation for the autumn holidays!

And in general, for all who love autumn, beautiful weather, Odessa and great mood!

You have the opportunity not only to have a great time for this autumn break, but also to save incredibly! Visit the wonderful places, plunge into the world of interesting adventures and learn a little more for the "Pearl of the Sea"!

ODESSACARD tourist card holds the campaign “Autumn holidays with ODESSACARDfrom October 22 to October 28, you can buy any tourist card with a 10% discount.

Only when buying online from us on the site.

Rejoice, relax, save!

- Order a tourist card

- Learn what a tourist card

- Find out where to go with ODESSACARD

- Find out where they give discounts for the whole year with ODESSACARD

Autumn holidays with ODESSACARD

Odessa Beer Festival with a tourist card!

The FREE zone has been added to the Odessa Beer Festival!

Odessa Beer Festival - Oktoberfest in Odessa

Dear friends!

You have the opportunity to visit Odessa Beer Festival - Oktoberfest in Odessa!

Entry with a tourist card during its activation - FREE!

Do not miss the opportunity to taste the best craft beers, delicious food and get a lot of impressions and good mood!

Odessa Beer Festival takes place on October 27 and 28!

You can view the offer here.

Termination of sea trips

Please pay attention!

Ride a boat in Odessa by sea at a discount

Dear friends!

Please pay your attention when planning the route with ODESSACARD - Boat trip on the Pegasus and Andromeda boats is suspended until the next summer season.

Offer valid from April to September inclusive.
Dates of beginning and end of navigation depend on weather conditions and the permission of the competent authorities.
In 2018 from October 1, navigation for sea trips in the Gulf of Odessa ceases.

We hope you will definitely like filling the card:

Free entrance with a tourist card in the "What is included?"

Discounts for tourist card holders in the section "Where to save?"

Have a nice rest!

ODESSACARD - a sea of possibilities!

New partner! FAROLERO – a magical tour with a lantern!

FAROLERO - evening audio tour

FAROLERO - new partner of ODESSACARD

We are pleased to announce that with ODESSACARD it's become even more interesting, exciting and most importantly more economical!

Now all ODESSACARD tourist card holders can plunge into the magical world of Odessa's evening together with the world-famous franchise FAROLERO!

FAROLERO - interactive pedestrian audio-tour in the format of a theatrical performance.


You will have an unforgettable evening in Odessa:

audio guides with headphones

fabulous raincoats

umbrellas in case of rain

photoreport from the excursion

pleasant surprises during the excursion

100 minutes of interesting stories and adventures


For more details, you can get acquainted with the excursions of FAROLERO here.


ODESSACARD - the sea of your possibilities!

Photo report of the ODESSACARD draw

Photo report of the ODESSACARD tourist card at the festival ODESSACLASSICS 2018

вручение карты туриста на фестивале odessa classics If you are a reader of our page on facebook or a visitor of the site, you probably saw that the tourist service ODESSACARD spent a drawing of the tourist card for two for 24 hours among all holders of season tickets for the best classical music festival in Ukraine, which takes place every year in the "Pearl at the Sea" ODESSA CLASSICS.

Raffle ODESSACARD conducted transparently, with the record, can be found here.

On June 2, 2018, in the premises of the beautiful Odessa Philharmonic Hall, a card was handed with the winner's announcement right from the stage.

The happy owner was a charming admirer of classical music and in particular Alexei Botvinov, who by the way is not only one of the leading pianists of Ukraine, but also the inspiration for the classical music festival in Odessa.

More than 100 season tickets took part in the drawing, and the winner, surprisingly, bought the subscription in December, six months before the festival!

"That's what we understand!" A real admirer!

From the bottom of our hearts, congratulations to the winner - Ella Kataeva!

We hope that from the ODESSACARD service Ella will receive the same charge of emotions and positive as from ODESSA CLASSICS!

We would like to thank the organizers of the festival and in particular Helen Botvinov.

Once again, we congratulate the winner on the whole ODESSACARD team!

Listen only to good music and rest in Odessa!

A tourist card is a sea of ​​your possibilities!

How to save money in Odessa?

We save during the rest in Odessa!

How to save money in Odessa

Summer - it's time to leave and rest, but where else in Odessa can you spend these wonderful and carefree days?

Unfortunately, for many, there is still a question of the cost of a good rest, so that it was possible to enjoy all the delights of the holiday, tbut at the same time the without "financial hole" which is so difficult to "patch up" and in the future only spoils the memories of the beautiful days of rest.

We have a unique offer that will interesting not only for tourists, but also to "urban" travelers.

You can save in Odessa with a unique European service, successfully implemented in the "Pearl of the Sea" (second name of Odessa) and which is in great demand among foreign tourists, as in the European countries this type of service has existed for a long time and has already become mandatory for large tourist cities.

Save money in Odessa a vacation or holiday in Odessa - this is the main issue for most tourists.

Saving is not in the sense of buying something worse, hurting oneself in some entertainments and desires, but "reasonable" savings. Savings, which will get everything desired and get there exactly where you want, but at the same time spend much less.

So how can you save in Odessa during your holiday?

save in Odessa

Check out the tourist service in Odessa - ODESSACARD tourist card and guest card.

An electronic card that saves during a holiday in Odessa will not only allow you to get to museums, but also provides you with an absolutely free opportunity to visit the most interesting and important tourist places of the "Southern Palmyra", even if you do not know about them. Complete with the card goes tourist guide, which is a typographic map of Odessa with marks and all places where it is possible to take advantage of ODESSACARD.

Tourist guidebook to Odessa with ODESSACARD

This is not the end of savings in Odessa with the tourist card. In addition to 20 places with free attendance, you use ODESSACARD as a DISCOUNT card in most of the top Odessa destinations, which are divided into categories: entertainment, excursions and museums, meals, lodging and useful services.

With the list of free visits you can find in the section "What's Included?"

To familiarize with all places where you receive a discount, in the section "Where to save?"

In order to start saving in Odessa during the rest, you can learn more about the tourist card and find out how it works - here.

Well, what if you decided that reasonable savings is a good start to vacation in Odessa, then it remains only to find out how and where to buy a tourist card.

You can order and pay online, in which case a letter with a unique code will come to the e-mail address indicated, showing it at the exchange office, you will be provided with ODESSACARD.

Buy online

Also you can purchase a card directly on the spot, i.e. in any of the places listed at the points of sale.

Points of sale

Tourist service is constantly evolving and growing, as it is really a useful and unique tool for saving during the rest in Odessa, thus expanding its borders both of cooperation and implementation. At the moment you can purchase a tourist card in more than 50 places!

One of our last achievements is that the card can already be purchased not only in Odessa itself, but also behind its beyond.

Moldova. Chisinau. Travel agency «Magic Business Tour» str. M.Kogalnicanu 85.

Zatoka. Tourist information center «Join Up»
(Zatoka - Inflow Tourist place of Odessa region)

Shopping center "Aleksandrovsky" Shop "Toys"

Free your thoughts from the burdens of reflection - how to Save money in Odessa?

Buy ODESSACARD and just relax!

How to save money in Odessa - Tourist card

Rent a bicycle

Rent a bicycle in Odessa

Rent a bicycle in Odessa

Tourist card ODESSACARD offers its customers to rent a bicycle with a discount of -20% daily rates and -50% nightly, which will simplify and make much more comfortable studying the "Southern Palmyra" with all its sights.

The rent a bicycle locations are well located in the city center at Pushkinskaya 28 and right next to Langeron Beach, near the Dolphinarium. From where you can not only enjoy 6 km. the beautiful road of the Health route and the embankment of the Black Sea, but also to get to anywhere in the city.

By the way, it's a great idea to use ODESSACARD "to the full"!

You buy a tourist card Odessa, rent a bicycle for the whole family at a significant discount and visit other partners of ODESSACARD directly on your two-wheeled vehicles!

Rent a bike is literally for 10 minutes, during which the trained team will help pick up the bike horse, adjust it for you and provide everything you need, from the bike lock to the first aid kit.

A huge selection of rental quality bicycles will find exactly what you need. There are bicycles for children, teenagers, mountain, city, with wide tires and even double tandems!

If you have not got yet this convenient and most importantly healthy means of transportation, then bicycle rental is a great idea for walking around the city.

In Odessa, a lot of parks and places with sights, which can not be in which it is impossible to reach by car or other transport, except for excursions on electric vehicles. So if you seriously approached the question of how to scrutiny Odessa, and quickly - then this is a great opportunity.

Save and enjoy your holiday with us! - ODESSACARD - card of the tourist and guest of the city

Important announcement! Change in the value of ODESSACARD

The cost of ODESSACARD. The end of the action is Spring with ODESSACARD -40%.

Dear friends!

From May 1, 2018 the action ends with a 40% discount for the purchase of all types of tourist cards ODESSACARD.

From May 1, the cost of ODESSACARD will be:

ODESSACARD for one for 24 hours - 599 UAH.

ODESSACARD for two for 24 hours - 1 199 UAH.

ODESSACARD for one for 48 hours - 799 UAH.

ODESSACARD for two for 48 hours - 1 599 UAH.

ODESSACARD for one for 72 hours - 899 UAH.

ODESSACARD for two for 72 hours - 1799 UAH.

If you want to rest in Odessa, on the tourist card of new opportunities not only on the part of the economy, but also by the flexible planning of their leisure time in the "Pearl of the Sea» - Odessa.

You have the opportunity to book a tourist card through the site before May 1 at the same price with a 40% discount and save even more!

We remind you that after purchasing a tourist card, it is not activated and retains its capabilities until the first visit to any institution from the FREE zone, moreover, subsequent partners will automatically be included in it.

Do not miss the chance! There is very little left!

Tourist card ODESSACARD is more than 20 best institutions in Odessa with free entrance and more than 80 offers with discounts from 50% to 10%!

ODESSACARD - the sea of ​​your possibilities!

The cost of ODESSACARD. Tourist card price ODESSACARD

Car for Rent

Car for Rent in Odessa

Incredible! The range of ODESSACARD tourist card services is growing every day more and more!

Now with ODESSACARD you get a 10% discount when renting a car in the company "Ukr-Rent" - Odessa.

"Ukr-Rent" - Odessa - this is the lowest prices and the largest selection of cars for rent.

It is possible to rent from one day to ... as much as your heart desires.

The company offers additional services, such as a transfer, fitting the car directly to the airport, railway station or other convenient place for you.

And a lot of other services.

Give the operator a tourist card ODESSACARD and receive a discount of 10% of the amount of the rental car.

ODESSACARD - comfortable, economical and interesting vacation in Odessa!

Car for Rent. Rent a car in Odessa at a discount

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