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Excursions on electric cars in February only work on weekends!

Dear customers of ODESSACARD, ATTENTION!

Плохая погода :(

In connection with the weather conditions, excursions on electric vehicles temporarily (February) make trips only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the condition of good weather.

We apologize on behalf of ODESSACARD and ECAR City Tours for temporary inconvenience.

If you decide to use the tourist card during this period and did not manage to visit the excursion on electric vehicles, please call the ODESSACARD hotline -

+38 (048) 230-00-50

so that we can write down your data and at any convenient day for you, during the operation of electric vehicles, you were able to visit the tour regardless of activation of the card.

We do everything to get you the maximum amount of pleasure from rest in Odessa with ODESSACARD and take advantage of all the offered list of services of the tourist card of the city guest.

ODESSACARD falls into the history of Ukraine! Cashier of the museum “Steppe Ukraine”

The cashier of the Steppen Ukraine Museum implements tourist cards

The cashier of the museum "Steppe Ukraine" implements tourist cards.

ODESSACARD is surrounded by the history of the peoples of southern Ukraine, their customs, costumes and dwellings.


The branch of the Museum of History and Local Lore, the museum "Steppe Ukraine" - this is the whole three halls of the history of peoples who have ever lived on the territory of southern Ukraine. In the hall displays there are outfits, tools, paintings, books and even rooms and houses!


Now in the box office of the Steppe Ukraine Museum you can buy a tourist card ODESSACARD and get acquainted with the life of your ancestors and close people of southern Ukraine.

ODESSACARD expands to unprecedented dimensions!

The ticket office of the Pushkin Museum is the point of sale of tourist cards

The ticket office of the Pushkin Museum

ODESSACARD strives to become more accessible and closer to the guests of the city and tourists, now you can purchase a tourist card at the ticket office of the museum named after A.S. Pushkin at the address. Pushkinskaya 13 and at the same time plunge into the segment of the life of the great writer in Odessa, the city that AS. Pushkin devoted a lot of lines to his works and one of the first to present the so-called immortality "Pearl of the Sea" thanks to his work "Eugene Onegin" several of the chapters which he wrote right within the walls of the hotel, which now comfortably provide shelter to the museum.

ODESSACARD has become more convenient to buy!

Cashier of the Odessa Museum of Local History

Cashier of the Odessa Museum of Local History

From today, in addition to the many points of sales of the tourist card, you have the opportunity to purchase ODESSACARD directly at the ticket office of the Odessa Museum of History and Local Lore, at Gavannaya st. 4, and immediately take advantage of it!

Have a nice rest!

Ticket office of the Literary Museum

+1 Point of sale - Ticket office of the Literary Museum

Ticket office of the Literary Museum

ODESSACARD has become even more convenient!

From this moment you can not only enjoy the Odessa Literary Museum with a tourist card ODESSACARD, but also purchase an electronic card of a tourist and a guest of the city right at the ticket office of the literary museum and immediately use it!

ODESSACARD - Saves time-tested savings!

Where to stay in Odessa? We save with ODESSACARD!

Where to stay in Odessa, in the Hotel with a view of the sea?

Where to stay in Odessa, in the Hotel with a view of the sea?

Where to stay in Odessa? - ODESSACARD is ready to solve this dilemma!

More choice, more savings!

We are happy to inform you that one more popular and luxurious place joined the list of partners "DISCOUNT with ODESSACARD" - Hotel in Odessa "Panorama De Luxe"!

Magnificent minimalist but functional style, with spacious and bright rooms, panoramic windows from floor to ceiling on the marvelous Black Sea, a highly professional team and an upscale kitchen, all this deserves 5 *, and if you add more to the pool, the question is: where to stay in Odessa? - It disappears by itself.

During the validity period of the ODESSACARD tourist card, you save 10% of the cost of living, so it turns out that one day's stay at the Panorama De Luxe hotel pays off the cost of a tourist card!

Rest properly, rest with ODESSACARD.

New Year’s holidays

New Year's holidays in Odessa

On the eve of the New Year holidays, the whole world and the mood of people undoubtedly change in a positive direction, and already without that eternally positive Odessa citizens overcrowded the feeling of happiness and celebration.

After all, how not to rejoice, if everything around reminds of New Year's magic, the feeling of the holiday is as if saturated with a pleasant coniferous and citrus smell.

Favorite Odessa is decorated and prepared for New Year's holidays. The city begins to resemble a woman preparing for a ball; earrings - hung garlands all over the place, the christmas tree is a handbag in gentle hands Pearls by the sea - the Duma square, a fur coat - a snow cover that emphasizes beauty of the winter southern Palmyra.

To see Odessa on New Year's holidays is an inexpressible sensation of spectacular beauty and brightness of emotions.

New Year's holidays with ODESSACARD

In these universally accepted days off of New Year holidays you always want something magical, fabulous Charge positive and memorable emotions forward for a whole year.

Why not spend these New Year's holidays not only memorable, but also useful!

With the ODESSACARD tourist card you can arrange a holiday voyage for the most beautiful places of our city, see what even native Odessites do not know, and most importantly do it all with HUGE savings!

Give yourself and your loved ones a really nice gift - spend New Year's holidays not as always!

Passenger tickets

New! Passenger tickets online on our website!

Dear friends! We are glad to inform you that we have an opportunity to book online tickets for a train, bus and airplane. Find out the prices, routes and timetable!

This is perfect for those who decided to go on a trip and of course look into Odessa!

Do not forget after you book a passenger ticket for a train, bus or airplane, book online and a tourist card ODESSACARD!

After all, with it you will not only get to the most famous and colorful places and institutions of Odessa, but also save a decent amount of money, which in the end will pay you at least the cost of the road!

With ODESSACARD you will get to:

  • The 10 best museums in Odessa.
  • The best excursions: electric cars, catacombs, sea walks.
  • The most vivid entertainment: a zoo, a dolphinarium, a biopark.

In addition to such a wonderful fullness of the tourist card, you also expect discounts in an incredible number of top Odessa establishments!

Birthday of Odessa in Poland with a tourist card

Wroclaw with a tourist card congratulated Odessa

Tourist card of Odessa in Poland

There is no former Odessite!

Odessa is so beloved by everyone that even those who have not been here for a long time do not forget about his birthday.

In honor of Ukraine, in Poland, Wroclaw, in the framework of the Odcienie Ukrainy Festival with the support of Fundacja Ukraina, Odessa Tourism Association, ODESSACARD and the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Odessa City Council, a celebration in honor of Ukraine was held with entertaining events, competitions, a master class and cake in the form of Ukraine!

Do not forget about Odessa-Mama! After September 2 she had a birthday party!

At one of the competitions, the ODESSACARD tourist card was played, we congratulate the winner and we are more likely to visit our native Odessa!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mikhail Mikityuk and his team, which represented Odessa and ODESSACARD, for a wonderful celebration and competitions!

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