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Drawing a tourist card!

Drawing a tourist card ODESSACARD 24 hours for two!

Drawing a tourist card ODESSACARD 24 hours for two among all buyers of season tickets for the most grandiose classical music festival in the whole Ukraine, which will be held in Odessa!

Festival of classical music. Drawing a tourist card

When you purchase a subscription for all ODESSA CLASSICS 2018 events, the ticket holder automatically participates in the ODESSACARD tourist card drawing for 24 hours for two.

ODESSACARD is a free visit to 20 major Odessa attractions, as well as discounts of up to 50% from numerous partners!

The drawing will take place on May 31, 2018, and the card will be awarded to the winner on June 1, 2018 at the opera theater during the intermission of the festival opening concert.

Buy a ticket to the festival of classical music

-10% to the cardholders of the tourist!

Festival of Classical Music in Odessa - Odessa Classics -10% to the cardholders of the tourist!

Odessa Classics -10% to the cardholders of the tourist!Joint action of the companies Ukrtiсket, Ukrсitycard and the organizers of the festival ODESSA CLASSICS 2018!

Odessa citizens and guests of the city who purchased the ODESSACARD tourist card receive a 10% discount on tickets to any of the concerts of the ODESSA CLASSICS 2018!

Discount is provided for each card once for the purchase of 1 to 4 tickets at the box office Ukrtiсket "Half Price" at Alexander Avenue / Troitskaya street from 10.00 to 20.00 every day. Phone: +38 (048) 796-32-83


To get acquainted with the information about the festival you can here.

Odessa – where to stay?

Now stay in the hotel was still available at a discount ODESSACARD

Where to stay in Odessa. Inexpensive

- Where to stay with comfortable, but also at affordable prices?

Not a rare question when planning a vacation in Odessa.

ODESSACARD is a tourist European service which allows not only to save, but also to learn the "real" Odessa, as it will take you to the most vivid and significant sights of "Pearls by the Sea".

For a rest in Odessa - where to stay - an important choice, to which we came with full responsibility.

You can get acquainted with the full list of hotels, recreation centers, hostels and apartments that provide a discount for accommodation to ODESSACARD tourist card owners here.

And we would like to share the wonderful news that the lists of partners are expanding!

From this moment you have the opportunity to stay in a comfortable 3 * hotel in close proximity to the sea, Shevchenko Park, French Boulevard and the historic city center at affordable prices, especially at a discount from ODESSACARD - Hotel Lermontovskiy wonderful answer to the question "Where to stay in Odessa? "

Come to the beautiful Odessa - rest and save with ODESSACARD!

Hotel Lermontovskiy at a discount. For FB

Where to purchase a tourist card ODESSACARD?

More places where it is possible to purchase a tourist card ODESSACARD!

purchase a tourist card ODESSACARD. All points of sale. Where can I buy

ODESSACARD expands the possibilities. Now you can purchase a tourist card ODESSACARD even more affordable!

1 variant - to book a tourist card online directly on our website, to receive by e-mail a special unique code, pay for the order in any convenient way and exchange the code for the card at the issuance points: here.

The advantage of this method is that you buy the code in advance, let's say at the moment of discounts or shares (as now), but change it at the necessary time: vacation, weekend, etc. when the cost of the card will be the same. That is, you save on a service that saves finances.

- Tautology, but true!

2 option - to purchase a card at points of sale, which ODESSACARD has a huge number, in all corners of our beautiful city, with all the list you can find here.

ODESSACARD strive to satisfy the needs and desires of our favorite customers, from now on you can purchase a tourist card in a number of the best hotels in Odessa, which are both partners of the tourist service and provide regular discounts to the owners of tourist cards.

When you come to Odessa for holidays or business meetings, choose the stops from the list of our partners with discounts and purchase a tourist card directly on the spot.

List of new items where it is possible to purchase a tourist card ODESSACARD:

Hotel & Spa «Grand Marine»

Palais Royal Hotel

Deribas Hotel

Panorama de Luxe Hotel

La Decameron Hotel Clubhouse Odessa

Buy an ODESSACARD tourist card, get the most out of rest in Odessa with a minimum of expenses!

Odessa – sea

Odessa - Sea - an association of 80% of tourists and visitors of the city

Odessa - sea. With a tourist card for a boat trip!

The fact that Odessa - the Sea - this is our long-known fact for almost the entire world.

"Pearl of the Sea" is a well-known second name of the city, which it has countless numbers.

Indeed, very soon the beach season begins, the beautiful Black Sea, the golden beaches of Odessa and an incredible amount of entertainment for every taste.

ODESSACARD as an advanced tourist service of the European standard, constantly in search of something more, better and interesting.

And it happened this time!

Odessa - sea. The tourist card ODESSACARD already includes free excursion and a boat trip or catamaran "Hadzhibey" which depart from the berths of the Maritime Station. By the way, they will resume their work very soon (since April), you can get acquainted with this proposal here.

But the news is also NEW in order to notify about new events!

"So, what are we talking about?" - Oh yes! Odessa - sea!

From now on, all holders of the ODESSACARD tourist card are offered a discount of -20%! For the sea adventure! Rest on the private yacht-catamaran "CONTENTO"!

This yacht is equipped with everything you need, including: shower, kitchen, bedroom cabins, diving accessories and anglers!

The marine adventure on the yacht «CONTENTO» is not only a unique and memorable journey, but also an affordable pastime away from the coast of Odessa.

Yacht produces daily outings in the sea for two and three hours (560 and 840 UAH excluding discounts with a tourist card and a city guest), children under 5 years free of charge, up to 12 -30% of the cost! And be sure on the most modern yacht in Odessa there are safety features even for the youngest!

You can also rent a yacht for a day or more. The most experienced captains (professional yachtsmen), a real Odessa cook and only your Black Sea around.

The twentieth (20!) Partner of the FREE with ODESSACARD

FREE with ODESSACARD has 20 establishments already!

And our twentieth (20!) Partner of the FREE with ODESSACARD, i.e. where the institution is always happy and absolutely free to provide its service or entrance for the cardholders of the tourist - Museum of Interesting Science!

twentieth (20!) Partner of the FREE with ODESSACARD Музей интересной науки. Для ФБ

This is an incredible place for the whole family, here unlike other museums you not only "can", but simply, absolutely necessary, have to touch and check all exhibits of the museum with your own hands!

An extraordinary number of exhibits will engulf you in such topics as: acoustics, optics, anatomy, electromagnetism, engineering, fluid and gas, mechanics, experimentation and a planetarium!

In addition to the free entrance, the Museum of Interesting Science provides our beloved customers with an additional discount!

-10% of the price of "Experiment"

-15% menu of the smartest cafe in Odessa "Joule"! (Right inside the museum)

Come and have a rest in Odessa! Find out with ODESSACARD and the Museum of Interesting Science!

Tasty and inexpensive to eat in Odessa?

Tasty and inexpensive to eat in Odessa? - ODESSACARD to the rescue!

"Buffet - Dining Room" - Tasty and inexpensive to eat in Odessa

From this point on, the entire catering chain "Buffet - Dining Room":

"Cherdak" (Attic)
"Chernosliv" (Prunes)
"Abricos" (Apricot)

Provides ODESSACARD tourist card holders with a constant discount of -10% on the whole check, throughout the year, regardless of card activation!

Why "public" food, and why "Buffet - Dining Room"?

  • The buffet system allows you to visually choose the dishes that you like, exactly the amount you want for breakfast, lunch or dinner without waiting for the waiter and cooking.
  • Friendly and attentive staff, will always prompt and help with the choice of dishes. Service service is not worse than in expensive restaurants.
  • Always freshly prepared and hearty dishes.
  • A unique setting, each establishment is notable for its interesting design and atmosphere.
  • The last one on the list, but probably the first in terms of accessibility!
    Prices for dishes "Buffet - Dining Room" are designed in such a way that they take into account the average income of a resident of Ukraine, allowing you to visit a cozy and pleasant institution without financial difficulties.

With an average check of only 100 UAH. you will dine gorgeously with the first dish, the second and dessert!

And taking into account the fact that the entire catering network Buffet - Dining Room provides a constant discount for ODESSACARD cardholders -10% of the check value, it is cheaper to visit the Buffet-Dining-room than there are at home!

"Buffet - Dining Room" with ODESSACARD - delicious, satisfying, convenient and economical!

Sea city – sea entertainment! Dolphinarium, oceanarium, swimming with dolphins!

Dolphinarium, oceanarium, swimming with dolphins and photography right in the pool "Nemo"!

Dolphinarium, oceanarium, swimming with dolphins in Odessa with ODESSACARD

If Odessa is the "Pearl by the Sea", then the tourist service ODESSACARD is an experienced jeweler and appraiser, selecting only real, unique and most interesting exhibits!

From now on, the ODESSACARD tourist card includes not only a free visit to the Nemo Dolphinarium (During the validity of the card with FREE with ODESSACARD), but also a 20% discount on the list of Nemo services!

Dolphinarium, oceanarium, swimming with dolphins!

Show with dolphins (show at 12:00 and 15:00) - free of charge during the validity of the card!

"Nemo" Oceanarium - 20% discount to all cardholders! (Many times!)

Photo with dolphins on the dais (after the show) - 20% discount to all cardholders of the tourist! (Many times!)

Photo with dolphins in the pool (after the show) - 20% discount to all owners of ODESSACARD!
As a gift, you will ride a dolphin (Photo A4)

Swimming with dolphins (by appointment) - 20% discount to all owners of the tourist card!

Come to Odessa! Have a rest with ODESSACARD!

1 partner! “Makki-Pakki” – Petting Zoo

Makki-Pakki - Petting Zoo in Odessa

Petting zoo "Makki-Pakki" with a tourist card OdessaKard -20%"Makki-Pakki" is a zoo where little animals can be touched, patted and fed directly from the hands!
It will be interesting not only for children, but for adults too!
Genet, Nosuh, Raccoon Poloskun, Igruinka, White and Golden Pheasants, Peacock, Baran Quinset and many, many other kind and tender animals are waiting for a meeting with you and your children!
Excellent conditions, convenient location, comfortable rooms - all this is perfect for family recreation and new knowledge about the world of animals.
"Makki-Pakki" provides a discount for ODESSACARD tourist card holders -20% of the entrance fee! (Repeatedly, throughout the year)
In Odessa, "Makki-Pakki" as much as two (2)! You can choose where to spend your leisure time more conveniently.
Tourist card ODESSACARD - an indispensable attribute of a tourist and a guest of the city.

We continue to improve! Fishing and a weekend tour!

Fishing and a weekend tour from the "Three Crucian"

Fishing and a weekend tour from the "Three Crucian"

ODESSACARD - ahead of all tourist services like City Pass! With us you will not only get to the best places and sights of Odessa, but also save an incredible amount of finance! Not to mention impressions and incredible convenience!

ODESSACARD sets a goal: Always be a topical tourist product and provide travelers with a huge number of opportunities for both knowledge and leisure with entertainment.

Now with the ODESSACARD tourist card you have the opportunity to get a discount for fishing "Three Crucian" 10% and a discount for the weekend tour from "Three Crucian" - 10%! Many times! During the validity of the card (a whole year!)

Fishing and a weekend tour from the "Three Crucian" is a great opportunity to relax and spend your holidays or weekend.

Fishing "Three Crucian" is fishing in comfortable conditions on the basis of "Three Crucian" in an hour's drive from Odessa. Here you can not only fish, but also take advantage of additional services: fishermen's houses, log cabins, bath complex, swimming pool, restaurant with pleasant prices, pavilions for rest, playground, mini zoo and much more!

Weekend tour from the "Three Crucian" - will acquaint you with the Black Sea region, the Danube Delta, the White Lake. You will see countless numbers of all kinds of inhabitants of this region: swans, pelicans, herons, wild boars and much more.

- You will be met in Odessa, driven, shown, fed and entertained! What could be better?

Fishing and a weekend tour from the "Three Crucian" invites everyone to spend a useful and enjoyable time in the bosom of nature with home comfort and low prices!

When ordering a fishing trip or a weekend tour from the "Three Crucian", do not forget to tell the operator that you are the owner of the tourist card and receive a 10% discount!

ODESSACARD - an indispensable attribute for a tourist and a guest of the city!


Fishing "Three Crucian"

Fishing "Three Crucian"

Weekend tour

Weekend tour

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