Tours in Vilkovo

Tours in Vilkovo "Danube seaside - 0 km"

Tours in Vilkovo "Danube seaside - 0 km"

"0 KM" is a symbol symbolizing the meeting of two elements, a huge river and the sea, who found their compromise in the Danube Delta. This magical point attracts millions of residents of the Danube Basin. But not many are lucky enough to visit it. You are given such an opportunity. Wild nature, a deserted seaside, new islands and streamers, a multifaceted bird population will calm down, relax and give pleasure to every visitor.

We suggest you plunge into the beautiful world of nature and solitude.

Tours program in Vilkovo "Danube seaside - 0 km"

  • 07:00 - Departure in a comfortable bus with a guide.

In the bus on the road to Vilkovo, the guide will tell you interesting stories, you can choose a movie for viewing or music.

  • 10:40 - Arrival in Vilkovo.

At the "marine station" we meet with a professional guide, from where we set off along the river for fascinating stories.

  • 11:00 - Excursion around the city.

It starts with a sea station, a monument to the Old Believer.

Next, the Orthodox St. Nicholas Church, the Old Believers' Christmas Church and the Belgorod Canal.

  • 12:00 - Return to the sea terminal.

We go on a sea excursion along the Danube Delta

  • 13:45 - Arrival on the island at midday.

It is here that the legendary sign "0 KM" and the strong current of the Danube and the Black Sea are located.

  • 14:15 - Lunch on the island
  • 15:00 - Arrival at the recreation center "Green Corner" on Ochakovsky Island.

Here, on the island, you will be fed with goodies, and the guide will acquaint you with the history of the male Old Believer Monastery of St. Peter and Paul.

  • 15:30 - Picnic. Recreation.

Here you will be waited with the specialty dishes of Vilkovo (Uha, Fish, Yushka "Salamur", tea from local herbs and much more)

  • 17:30 - 18:00 - Return to Vilkovo.
  • 21:30 - Arrival in Odessa.

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!Excursion to Vilkovo "Danube seaside - 0 km" is valid from 29.04 to 29.10

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Excursion to Vilkovo "Danube seaside - 0 km" is valid from 29.04 to 29.10

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