Humorina. Odessa. 2019

Humorina in Odessa in 2019 and the April Fool's ODESSACARD discount!

As it is impossible to imagine Rio de Janeiro without the traditional colorful carnival, so Odessa cannot be imagined without Humorina.

This holiday is an indispensable symbol, sewn into the DNA of an infinitely cheerful, hospitable, warm city.

Humorina is an explosive mixture of smiles on each face of guests, enchanting performances in the middle of the city and on the stage, bright costumes and scenery, colored balls in the hands of children and funny masks of their parents.

But above all, Humorina is a national cultural heritage, which Odessa shares with a smile with the whole country.

In 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the Odessa Film Studio, which is well-known throughout the world. Because Humorina 2019 is special: it's about movies. Both each participant and guest will become an "actor" of an incredible film, the plot of which will be played out in real time.

Humorina Plan in 2019:


Fair on the Greek square
from March 30 to April 1

Cosplay show

Cosplay show at the rotunda in the City Garden
April 1

Main stage Humorina

The main stage of Humorina at the corner of Lanzheronovskaya and Pushkinskaya
14:00 and until the evening of April 1

"Karaoke on Duke"

"Karaoke on Duke" with Igor Kondratyuk
at the monument to Duc de Richelieu
April 1


KYIVSTONER-show at the monument to Catherine
16: 00-18: 00
April 1


14:00 the beginning of the big parade


15:30 IX International Festival of Clowns and Mimes "Comediade"

Radio Friday

17:00 Block from Radio Friday


19:15 Group performance "5’nizza"


20:15 Speech KYIVSTONER


20:45 Artists of the production center «STAR TIME»

"Time and Glass"

21:00 Performance of the group “Time and Glass”

In more detail on the website:

On April 1, just have to visit Odessa, at least once in life, every person on the planet earth!

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Odessa is waiting!

Good mood and lots of smiles!

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