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FAROLERO. Night tour around Odessa.

Night tour around Odessa. FAROLERO. Logotype

We are pleased to present to your attention, a unique for Ukraine, but not for Europe - Night tour around Odessa, known throughout the world as "FAROLERO"

FAROLERO became available in the "Pearl of the Sea". Now resting in the "Southern Palmyra", you can visit the magic Night tour around Odessa.

Night magical city tour of Odessa - FAROLERO - this is an unusual walking tour, and a whole theatrical performance with riddles and secrets.

You are waiting for a beautiful night Odessa "dressed" in the moonlight, mysterious strangers in masks and raincoats, philosophical and interesting secrets and mysteries, amazing smells and tastes, as well as shows with additional surprises.

Plunge into the secret world of magic, Odessa will open up differently, and you will see the real magic in the ordinary world...

Lamplighter FAROLERO

Lamplighter. FAROLERO. Mysterious profession

FAROLERO (Lamplighter) is the person who lit the city's night lights, which means he who saw a lot of things and paid attention to oddities and city legends in a special way, on the other hand...

The Lamplighter, as the image of the person carrying the light, is very often used in literary works, thereby emphasizing mystery and fairy-tale.

The Lamplighter FAROLERO will become your personal guide and central person in a night excursion around Odessa and on the way to a dream...

The Lamplighter FAROLERO is an intelligent and wise narrator.

With his stories he seems to revive the city and further and further draws its listeners into the web of secrets and legends of city dwellers...

The old FAROLERO can ask questions so that the answer to them brings happiness, which in its own way is comparable to magic...

Night tour of Odessa with FAROLERO

Contact night tour of Odessa - FAROLERO

Address: You will receive the coordinates of the start after registration for the excursion.

+38 (050) 908-88-80

Official site:

Operating mode

From 21:00 (daily) Summer time
From 19:00 (Saturday and Sunday) Winter period

Preliminary registration by phone is necessary!

Ticket price

Ticket for the tour - 650 UAH.
Children's - 300 UAH.

Included in the price:
Audio Guides with Headphones
Fairy Cloaks
Umbrellas in case of rain
Pleasant surprises during the excursion
100 minutes of interesting stories and adventures

With the ODESSACARD tourist card you get a 50% discount on the FAROLERO night tour once, regardless of the card activation.

Night tour around Odessa - FAROLERO with ODESSACARD