Fishing Three Crucian

Fishing in the RС Three Crucian

Fishing Three Crucian

RC Three Crucian is a recreational complex of health-improving measures, carried out with the purpose of restoring the normal state of health and working capacity of a healthy but tired person.

The concept covers all types of recreation - spa treatment, tourism, amateur sports, recreational fishing, etc. Restoration of emotional and psychological strength, health and working capacity by rest outside the home: on the lap of nature, on a tourist trip.

All these services and much more you can get in the RC Three Crucian, and with the tourist card ODESSACARD there will be an excellent saving, because fishing Three Crucian provides a discount of -10% to the cardholders of the tourist and the guest of the city!

Fishing Three Crucian in the Odessa region

Map of the lake. Fishing Three Crucian

A reservoir with an area of ​​45 hectares, a length of about 2 km and a width of 200-400 m!

Clean, running water, with an average depth of 2-3 meters.

Magnificent and clean sandy-rocky bottom without hooks.

The stocking of the reservoir has been carried out since 2006, only with the material of elite selection.

The base consists of scaly and mirror carp, white cupid and thick-flesh. There is also a catfish.

For anglers who prefer to catch float fishing gear in the reservoir there is a large amount of crucian, redneck and other "weedy" fish.

In 2008, the pond was stocked with pike perch.

Breeding occurs annually in the autumn-spring time, an excellent fish weighing from 1 kg.

Fishermen are provided with comfortable and equipped bridges, and you can use other services of the RC Three Crucian

The weekend tour from the Three Crucian also provides a discount for ODESSACARD cardholders with whom you can read here.

Fishing Three Crucian

Bath complex

Log houses


And also to your services in the RC Three Crucian - fishermen's houses, swimming pool, playground, contact zoo, arbours for rest and other special services (banquets, conferences, hunting, excursions) with which you can find on the official website.

Fishing Three Crucian

How to get from Odessa to fishing "Three Crucian"

How to get from Odessa to fishing "Three Crucian"


Contacts of the RC Three Crucian

Address: Ukraine, Odessa region, Belyaevka village, rates Three Crucian

+38 (048) 799-40-02

Official site:

Operating mode

Booking of rooms, fishing from 09:00 to 19:00 daily


Fishing time:
12 hours - 300 UAH.
24 hours - 350 UAH.

"Three Crucian" provides a discount to the cardholders of the tourist ODESSACARD from the cost of fishing -10%

With ODESSACARD Fishing "Three Crucian" - 10%!