Petting Zoo Makki-Pakki

Petting Zoo Makki-Pakki in Odessa


Petting Zoo Makki-Pakki is the best place for family recreation!

Nobody is bored in Odessa: no tourist, no local citizen. However, traditional entertainment of picturesque capital of South Ukraine is no surprise anymore. Another thing is the Petting Zoo. Every visit of this place becomes unforgettable! Especially for the youngest visitors. They come back to us again and again, because ...

We are always in the neighbourhood

Petting Zoos of Makki-Pakki chain are located in large shopping malls of the city. To stay in the realm of friendly tame animals, you do not need to plan your vacation in advance and to spend a whole day for it, to go to the other end of Odessa or to get outside the city. You can combine a pleasant pastime at the zoo with daily shopping or an evening family walk.

We work all year round

The location of Petting Zoos makes it possible to make your visit comfortable, regardless of the weather conditions and the season. You do not need to wrap warm clothes around you so as not to freeze in winter, or to endure the enervating heat in the summer. It is cozy for everyone in our microclimate: for animals and for people!

We are glad to everyone

The inhabitants of Makki-Pakki meet equally friendly single visitors, families and groups of children. There are special favourable terms for acquisition of entrance tickets, free support and the possibility of organizing a transfer for group visits. You can take part in an exciting excursion through the territory of the zoo, and then to spend your free time at your own discretion, dealing with animals, playing in themed areas or making memorable photos. Birthdays spent with us will not be compared to anything! This is a fountain of emotions of the birthday child and his/her guests, an unforgettable holiday in an unusual format.

We are better than 3D cinema

The viewing of a cartoon or movie cannot come near to a visit to the Petting Zoo. It is not an exhibition, where exhibits cannot be touched. It is not the zoo, where the grim eyes of animals look at you from behind bars. This place is a full immersing in the wonderful world of exotic animals for the stone jungle inhabitants, where they can be seen live, patted or fed. Communication with our pussies gives adults and children not only positive emotions, but also has a therapeutic effect. Tame and harmless little animals and birds help to forget about problems and to give the rest to your mind and soul. The ability of children to take care, feel responsibility for animals and love for nature and the world around us are implanted here.

We are waiting for you

7 days a week your new friends are ready to have fun, amuse you with their harmless pranks and pose for selfies. Growing up among people, our inhabitants love communication, attention to themselves and care. A Petting Zoo is a place, where everyone is happy: kids, adults, animals and birds. Welcome to our small world!

Petting Zoo Makki-Pakki

Contact Petting Zoo Makki-Pakki

Ukraine, Odessa, City Center Tairova, Nebesnoy Sotni avenue, 2.
Ukraine, Odessa, City Center Kotovsky, st. David Oistrakh, 32.

Tairova: +38 (073) 077-75-00;
Kotovsky: + 38 (093) 404-10-00

Official site:

Operating mode

from 10:00 to 22:00 (without days off)

Ticket price

Adults and children from 8 years old - 110 UAH.
Children from 3 to 8 years old - 90 UAH.

Adult and children from 8 years - 150 UAH.
Children from 3 to 8 years old - 130 UAH.

Children under 3 years old stay free of charge.

With a tourist card ODESSACARD The contact zoo "Makki-Pakki" provides a discount of -20%! (Repeatedly! Throughout the year.)

With ODESSACARD -20% in a petting zoo Makki-Pakki