Rest in Odessa with ODESSACARD – What is included?

ODESSACARD the universal electronic card for rest in Odessa

Rest in Odessa with ODESSACARD. What is included in free visits to with the card of the touristThe card of the tourist includes free visits of the most recommended vacation spots in Odessa.

ODESSACARD is not only the ticket for an entrance to institutions and sights, but also the guide which will spend you across Odessa revealing all its secrets and delights.

Before planning of rest in Odessa you should not thumb through reference books or to find information from different sources on sights and the entertaining institutions "Pearls by the Sea" and furthermore to use services of expensive guides!

ODESSACARD contains the reference book and the map of Odessa with noted places where you can use the card of the tourist, and it is more than enough of such places in Odessa!

Rest in Odessa, vacation or business a trip – all this will be repeatedly embellished by the card of the tourist of ODESSACARD which will allow not only as fast as possible and it is convenient to be guided in the city, but also to save a considerable part of your finance.

How to save at rest in Odessa?

Acquiring the card of the tourist of ODESSACARD, you receive the plastic electronic card and the compact guide - since this moment you can already begin to save.

Regardless of activation of the card, you can receive discounts in more than 80 institutions of partners which complete list you can study here.

Discounts work repeatedly and throughout a year and to save at rest in Odessa simply show the card in institutions of partners.

How it works?

Cards exist six types (24, 48 and for 72 hours, on one or two person) – what it means?

After you for the first time visited any institutions from the list with a free admission (FREE with ODESSACARD) at the card the return begins Rest in Odessa. Free visit of sights with the card of the tourist of ODESSACARDcounting of time throughout which you can visit once any of presented from the list of an institution, in any an order, convenient for you, and speed.


AftОтдых в Одессе. Предоставление скидки владельцам ODESSACARDer the end of the period of operation of the card of the tourist, you do not hurry to throw out it as it continues to work as the discount card in institutions of partners (DISCOUNT with ODESSACARD)

Rest in Odessa with the card of the tourist